Harare Hospital water woes persist


There is urgent need to drill more boreholes at Harare Central Hospital, one of Zimbabwe’s largest health institutions, to alleviate water problems affecting the referral hospital, a senior official at the institution has said.

George Vera, the acting chief executive officer of Harare Central Hospital, said the hospital has been experiencing acute water shortages and there was urgent need to drill more boreholes to improve situation.

The hospital has in the past few months been hit by water shortages which stoked fears of possible disease outbreaks at the institution.

Last week the hospital went close to three days without water.

In February, the institution went close to a month with no water.

Currently, there are two functional boreholes but they seem to be failing to cope with demand, Vera said.

“What we need are more boreholes at the hospital so as to have sufficient water,” said Vera.

“The problem is that the hospital is situated on a mountain hence when council water has low pressure it cannot go up to the hospital. We have a situation where there will be no water during the day and comes in the evening but we still need water during the day.”

Harare Central Hospital has 1 000 beds with at least 1 500 staff members and gets at least 3 000 visitors a day.

“We are sitting on top of a mountain and when City of Harare cuts water supply the obsolete pumps cannot pump water up.

“The pressure is very low. It is a big challenge for the hospital to function,” said Vera.

Most affected are the hospital’s maternity section, kitchen and theatres.