Zimbabweans urged to adopt children


The director of Harare Children’s Home, Maria Sithole, has encouraged Zimbabweans to practice foster parenting by taking in disadvantaged children during holidays.

Sithole said children staying at homes needed to have a feeling of belonging to a family.

“There is not much of fostering during holidays hence we encourage the public to take part in bringing up these children by taking them in during school holidays and also those who want to adopt them can do so; all they have to do is come in and adopt,” said Sithole.

Sithole was speaking at a handover ceremony of 360kg of mealie-meal which was donated by SeedCo.

“We would like to thank SeedCo for their unwavering support. They give us 360kgs every month and it really goes a long way in feeding our children here at the home and we are really grateful for that.

SeedCo public relations and communications manager Marjorie Mtemererwa said the organisation felt donating mealie-meal was their responsibility.

“We are happy to be providing mealie-meal for the children here and that’s why we have been doing it for a long time now,” he said.

“In 2008 a lot of companies and people pulled out of some of the activities that they were doing but we are proud that we managed to pull through during that time.We did not drop out; through the grace of God we managed to provide for them at all times.”

Mtemererwa added: “We should also try foster parenting. We should not just moan over economic hardships but we should just be there and come and take the children at any time for holidays and weekends.

“We know because of our culture it’s not so common to practice foster parenting but let us try as we are now living in a global village.”

SeedCo has been providing mealie-meal to the home for the past six years.

Harare Children’s Home currently looks after 98 children but has the capacity to shelter 110.