When guitars tell stories


Music lovers will have an opportunity to sample African traditional stories told through acoustic guitar by some of the country’s finest musicians at the Amakhosi Elite 400 next month.

The unique show dubbed “Khala Sginci, Night of the Acoustic Guitar” will feature Bob Nyabinde, Jayz Maribini and Thembi Ngwabi. The show is slated for May 6.

The three musicians are accomplished guitarists. Deviating from the norm of having a full band, they will each present four solo songs with their acoustic guitars.

The show will also see a number of models taking to the stage and dancing to the solo tunes.
The models will provide choruses for the guitarists in a great artistic feast.

Show director Cont Mhlanga said: “Each acoustic guitar piece will tell a story just like African story-telling under the moonlight. The stories will teach the audience the concept of ubuntu, the taboos, the dos and dont’s”.

He said Ngwabi would present a piece called Izinyane leMbabala.

“It is a story about a young girl who dares to challenge tradition after receiving education at a missionary school.

“She visits the village and finding that girl children are still not allowed to keep pets, challenges that and it leading to chaotic scenes in the village.”

Mhlanga said the show would be ideal for a family outing as it not only entertains but teaches African values and tradition.

He said the idea was also to bring back “lost” folk stories and promote the concept of oral storytelling which has been “eroded by modernisation”.

Nyabinde said he was preparing new songs for the show but would use some old ones as well.
Marabini on the other hand said he had already finished preparing his set.

“All is ready,” he said. “It is going to be a massive show. Music lovers will experience something different.”