Gringo back in limelight


Hilarious comedian Lazarus “Gringo” Boora will soon be back on local television screens. But this time he will not be doing his “naughty” antics as a gardener or featuring in a lotto commercial, it will be just a comic appearance in a music video.

South Africa-based former model Theresa Mavhima has given the comedian a role on a video of the song Murume Wangu off her latest album, Muroora Akakwana.

Gringo is well-known for good acts in commercials and music videos with his latest screen appearance being a new lotto advert.

In music videos, many will remember him for his lead role in a video to Franco Hodobo’s song Chembere Ndiani, in which he features as a young man flirting with an old lady.

He added an exciting flavour to the video, which made the song very popular. He is likely to repeat that experience on Mavhima’s song, where he features as a troublesome husband.

The comedian on Monday confirmed that he would be on the video.

“I am excited with this new video project. I promise the best and people should look forward to this video,” said Gringo.

Other songs on the album include Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, Leave Me In Peace, Wonekwa Ropa, Sandi Mwanangu and Rudo Rwako.

Mavhima said the album was about celebrating life and its challenges, particularly those faced by women.

The former Miss Chitungwiza and Miss Malaika 2002 said the track Miss Tourism Zimbabwe was a tribute to all models in Zimbabwe.

“Since I was a model, I decided to say goodbye to modelling by composing a track for Miss Zimbabwe. The track congratulates the winner and all those who have participated in the pageant,” she said.

The beauty said she started composing tracks in 1999 but went into the industry full time last year. She quit modelling in 2005.

“My music is inspired by love and pan-Africanism. I have done some of the tracks in Zulu, Tswana, Ndebele and Shona to show some common cultural values from various backgrounds,” said Mavhima.

A video to the song Miss Tourism Zimbabwe will be shot this week at the Harare Gardens.

“The video will feature young children as we want it to have a different feel as children are tomorrow’s models,” she said. Videos for tracks Rudo Rwako and the title track are almost complete.

The video for Muroora Akakwana was shot in Mhondoro as the producers sought a real rural set up.

Mavhima expects all the videos to be complete next month and a DVD launch is expected thereafter.

Besides music, Mavhima is a designer who is mainly inspired by African wear. She runs a fashion label called T27, combining her name initial and birth date.