Chipanga, Somanjes in combined album launch


Brothers Daiton and Josphat Somanje have confirmed their reunion is for good since the differences that separated them musically on numerous occasions have been ultimately ironed out.

The musicians, who are well-known for their success at the helm of Pengaudzoke, a group that churned out all-time hits like Mwanangu Sei Kuonda, Ndadiwa Pachinyakare and Zvibate Pamhaka, recently decided to work together again.

Although they have not completely merged their bands yet, the brothers have been staging shows together and Tuesday night they launch Daiton’s latest album, Zvisinei Hazvo at City Sports Bar in the city centre. Josphat did backing vocals on some of the songs on the album.

The launch will be a joint venture with Hosiah Chipanga, who is also launching his latest release Vaudze Hosiah.

Tich Makahamadze of Last Power Media, where both albums were produced, said the combined launch was a rare once-off event where part of their catalogue cream would be brought on one stage.

“It is also a chance for those that have not yet had a chance to listen to the artistes’ new songs to have a live feel of the albums, which I feel are the best from both musicians,” said Makahamadze.

Songs from both albums are already receiving commendable airplay locally.

Makahamadze said it was encouraging to note that Daiton and Josphat had decided to combine their efforts in a move that is likely to see them working together on a number of shows and projects.

On Friday, the brothers staged a show in Bulawayo with Tongai Moyo and fans that attended the show said their performance was refreshing. Daiton recently revealed their differences were no more.

“When we parted ways, we had our personal experiences. We would meet regularly to discuss social issues. There are personal issues that always kept us quarrelling and that was the reason why we parted ways in the first place,” said Daiton.

“When we tried to reunite about three years ago, those issues surfaced again and we could not continue together. But I can safely tell you we have gone over those differences and we will now work together again.” Josphat concurred.

“Blood is thicker than water. We have been working together in other things that are not connected with music and we are now assisting each other in music,” said Josphat. Chipanga promised to deliver an exciting performance at the launch.

“People should come and witness this great event. Our new album has been received very well and we urge our fans to continue supporting us. We will reciprocate through good performances,” said Chipanga.

He said it was exciting the show would feature experienced musicians and this was a chance to show fans they have come a long way in the industry.