Locals prefer Zim products — CCZ


At least 90% of Zimbabweans prefer buying local products compared to imports, a recent survey by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has shown.

Last week the country hosted the inaugural “Buy Zimbabwe Campaign” aimed at promoting the consumption of locally produced products and services.

CCZ executive director Rosemary Siyachitema said during the survey a target population was randomly selected within Harare of those walking in and out of the banks and retail shops.

The majority of the target population said local products had several shortcomings including high price, poor packing and the failure to meet demand.

In the survey 60% said local producers should ensure local products met regional standards, quality and also provide a wide range of choices since consumers have the right to choose. 40% of the people surveyed said by supporting local products industries would benefit from increased demand.

“90% said they would prefer Zimbabwean products as these did not contain genetically modified organisms,” the report noted. They added that because of proximity perishable goods would be fresher because there is less transportation passage.”

CCZ said consumers urged local manufacturers to improve the quality of their products and hold awareness campaign so their products would known.

“They said producers should price their goods in proportion to production costs. Consumers in emphasising this point asked why the Zimbabwean products are more expensive than foreign products yet there are minimal transport costs,” said Siyachitema.