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Sound engineer Mudzingwa reflects on journey to the top

Life & Style
NewsDay Life & Style caught up with Mudzingwa on this journey.

ISHMAEL Mudzingwa, director of an audio and visual company Authentik Media Hub, believes his dedication to bringing creativity and professionalism to each event has helped in popularising his brand. Mudzingwa provided the technical services for the recently held Sunroma Buttercup Conference.

NewsDay Life & Style caught up with Mudzingwa on this journey.

Secrets to success

As the director of Authentik Media Hub, our approach to business revolves around innovation, creativity and exceptional service delivery. We have embraced a holistic perspective that encompasses both events and the arts, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients.

Our new approach to business has a client-centric approach. We prioritise understanding the unique needs and preferences of each client to tailor our services accordingly. By building strong relationships with our clients, we aim to deliver personalised experiences that exceed expectations.

We offer innovative solutions. We continuously explore new technologies, trends and creative techniques to stay ahead of the curve. By embracing innovation, we aim to offer cutting-edge services that set us apart in the industry.

We also focus on collaborative partnerships. We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships. By working closely with other industry professionals, artists and vendors, we can create synergies that enhance the quality and diversity of our offerings.

We believe in continuous improvement by placing a strong emphasis on learning and development. By investing in the training and growth of our team members, we ensure that we are always evolving and improving our skills and services.

Overall, our new approach to business is centred on providing exceptional value, fostering creativity, and delivering unforgettable experiences to our clients in the realm of events and the arts.

Memorable events

There are various types of events that tend to be particularly memorable and replicable due to their unique characteristics and ability to create lasting impressions on attendees. We were hired as a photographer for a destination birthday in Doha Qatar. The Zambia Gospel Music Show where I was a sound engineer. The event was big and as a team we did a splendid job. The recent Sunroma Buttercup Bakers Conference where we provided sound and screens.


Authentik Media Hub is currently experiencing difficulty in pricing related to the quality equipment we use. For instance, when providing services for events like weddings, the company utilises top-of-the-line speaker brands known for their superior sound quality, as well as premium lapel microphones. Despite the costs associated with such high-end equipment, setting a price point of US$300 for a service can lead to client complaints and challenges for the company.

Special mention and credits

I am immensely grateful for the unwavering support and love of my wife, Rumbidzai Zimondi Mudzingwa. Her strength, encouragement and belief in my vision have been a constant source of inspiration, driving me to push boundaries and strive for excellence in all that we do. I owe a debt of gratitude to my mentor, Simbarashe Bapiro, whose wisdom, guidance and insights have been instrumental in shaping my professional growth and development. His mentorship has been invaluable, and I am truly blessed to have him by my side on this journey. Last but not least, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to my church, Tabernacle of Grace and my pastor, Apostle B Java for providing me a platform to learn. Your prayers and encouragement have been a source of comfort and inspiration, helping me to stay grounded and focused.


Let's unite, have a board that set standards for our industry and start to hold workshops.

Closing remarks

As Authentik Media Hub, we are filled with gratitude as we reflect on the journey that has brought us to this moment. We want to express our deepest thanks to God for His unwavering guidance and blessings throughout this incredible experience. It is through His grace that we have been able to reach new heights and overcome challenges along the way.

As we move forward, let us continue to uphold the values of authenticity, integrity and excellence in all that we do. Together, we can achieve greatness and make a positive impact in the world around us. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey. Here's to many more successes and milestones ahead.

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