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Handcuffed to the past

Critics say Mnangagwa squandered the chance bestowed upon him after a military-assisted transition in November 2017.
By Newsday Jul. 8, 2024
MPs a big let down
MPs a big let down
Had it not taken the guts of the Nationalists Alliance Party leader, Devine Mhambi Hove to challenge the fees, very few aspiring candidates would have been able to afford them.
By Newsday Jun. 12, 2023
Cala: An unnecessary burden on pupils
The uproar came out as parents and stakeholders debated with government officials during a curriculum review that started this week on Monday.
By Newsday May. 25, 2023
President needs to reconsider delimitation report
Latest concerns from stakeholders are that the variation in the number of voters in constituencies is so great that it violates the country’s supreme law.
By Newsday Mar. 1, 2023
Dearth of statecraft blights new dispensation
Despite attending the famed investment conferences in Davos, Switzerland, your efforts have failed miserably to make the day for investors.
By Cyprian M Ndawana Mar. 1, 2023
Illicit financial flows are draining Zim’s wealth and govt is to blame
That translates to an annual average loss of US$3,2 billion in IFFs from 2000 to 2020.
By Newsday Dec. 24, 2022
Let’s distribute the national cake equally
The latest ministry to grieve over the obviously inadequate funding from government is the Foreign Affairs ministry
By Newsday Dec. 2, 2022
Incompetent ministers should face the axe
In short, we are simply saying, waste no more precious time on your largely inept team, Cde President.
By Editorial Sep. 23, 2022
Does a mere handshake signify diplomatic breakthrough?
Secondly, the British, for all their handicaps, have been steadfast in what they want before they could lift the travel and trade embargo imposed on their former colony.
By Editorial Sep. 10, 2022
Lest our MPs forget
Many of us begin to wonder what use these legislators are to us when they seem to have little interest in our welfare.
By Newsday Sep. 2, 2022
Education crisis mirrors national problem
Threats by teachers to embark on industrial action will also make things worse.
By Newsday Sep. 2, 2022
Who is ZEC trying to fool?

Zec was at pains to explain why its voters roll has 3 253 people aged 100 years or more, including 11 who are older than the oldest known surviving person on earth in the Guinness World Book of Records.

By The Standard and Newsday Mar. 7, 2022
Editorial Comment: Zim not doing enough to curb mineral leakages

Generations have died from treatable ailments because health delivery systems have crumbled due to funding challenges.

By The Standard and Newsday Nov. 16, 2021
Right call to fire Loga, but Zifa must reform

Yesterday soccer governing body, the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) booted out Zdravko Logarusic from his cosy position as national team coach as expected. Whatever the excuse for the shoddy performances, one cannot disguise the disorganisation and lack of any kind of coherence in the team’s play has been evident for a long while now.

By Newsday Sep. 13, 2021
Govt to blame for Warriors quandary

Unlike in other counties, Zimbabwe national team coaches cannot draw from their own home-grown players because they are inactive and the government seems not to care about the consequences. National team coach Zdravko Logarušić is struggling to replace the seven players that have been barred from travelling to Zimbabwe by their foreign clubs.

By Newsday Aug. 28, 2021