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Impact Of Covid On Trade

From last year, the COVID outbreak is so serious and heart-rending. It has not only affected the health of the people, but also destroyed the certainties for business and trading on an unprecedented scale. COVID has created challenges for businesses in fulfilling their necessitated commitments within trading connections. COVID has affected worldwide tradings so furiously, […]

By The NewsDay Mar. 28, 2021
AMHVoices: The sad truth about SA coronavirus budget
AMHVoices: The sad truth about SA coronavirus budget

THE world is, indeed, a stage upon which everyone is an actor. The only sad thing is that more often than not, we do not dictate the direction the transcript takes. Growing up, I used to go to our neighbours’ place to watch television, little did I know that in the next episode of life, […]

By The NewsDay Apr. 28, 2020
AMHVoices: Danger lurks behind lockdown

NOBODY likes being locked up. Being under lockdown is less stressful, but it is not too distant a cousin of incarceration. Yet the whole world is practically locked down right now.

By The NewsDay Apr. 17, 2020
COVID-19: RTG expects 6% fall in revenue

THE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG) says closure of its hotels this month to contain the spread of coronavirus will reduce its annual revenue generation by at least 6%.

By The NewsDay Apr. 9, 2020
Women, children more exposed to COVID-19 as taps remain dry

It is day two of the 21-day lockdown, around 5am and it is supposed to be quiet, with everyone at home, observing the lockdown. 

By The NewsDay Apr. 8, 2020
To reveal or not to reveal, Netizens in quandary over confidentiality of COVID-19 cases

The novel coronavirus pandemic is still relatively uncharted territory in terms of understanding how the disease works and how it should be handled.

By The Standard Apr. 6, 2020
‘Cease all mining operations’

THE Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union (Zdamwu) has called upon the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe (CoMZ) and all mine workers to immediately stop going to work for the next 30 days in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

By The NewsDay Apr. 1, 2020
Poultry sector records 19% slump

The poultry sector recorded a 19% slump last year after producing 73,6 million day-old chicks and demand for its products is projected to slow down going forward given the continued erosion of disposable incomes, an industry official has said.

By The Standard Mar. 24, 2020