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Apple already considers iPhone X, first-generation AirPods and HomePod ‘vintage’

We should also pour one out for the first-gen AirPods and the iPhone X. The iPhone X, released in 2017, looked great and was Apple’s first phone to have Face ID.
By The Verge Jul. 2, 2024
Musk warns that he will ban Apple devices if OpenAI is integrated at operating system level
Musk warns that he will ban Apple devices if OpenAI is integrated at operating system level
He has also founded his own startup, xAI, in a bid to challenge OpenAI and build an alternative to the viral chatbot ChatGPT.
By Reuters Jun. 16, 2024
Advanced Material Application in Ice Hockey Sticks
Materials science impacts on hockey stick design have been revolutionary
By Newsday Jun. 10, 2024
Tips to Elevate Your Gaming Experience to The Next Level
A good gaming headset with a microphone ensures clear communication with teammates and opponents
By Newsday Jun. 9, 2024
PDF - Everything You Probably Ever Need to Know
The PDF format has certainly revolutionized the world of computing. Its usefulness and usefulness are unquestionable
By Newsday Jun. 7, 2024
Choosing the Best Forex Affiliate Program: Key Factors to Consider
Advanced tracking technologies enable affiliates to monitor their referrals' activity
By Newsday Jun. 4, 2024
How to Face Swap Without Photoshop [Best Online Tool & Apps]
If you’re wondering how to face swap without Photoshop, this post will introduce you to the best online tool rand apps to get the job done effortlessly.
By Newsday Jun. 3, 2024
Top MT4 Features Every Trader Should Know
MT4 deservedly remains the platform of choice for millions of retail traders globally.
By Newsday May. 29, 2024
Understanding the Role and Salary of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a crucial role in any technology-driven organization
By Newsday May. 23, 2024
Everything You Need to Know About Talking Photos
Are you wondering what are talking photos? If yes, then this article is for you. Here, we have briefly discussed it and the steps to create a talking picture-free
By Newsday Apr. 22, 2024
Easiest Way to Face Swap Video Online
Learn to face swap video online using tools like FaceMod. Also, know how it has revolutionized the media and entertainment industry.
By Newsday Apr. 22, 2024
How To Record Video on Windows 10 for Content Creation
Learning how to record videos on Windows 10 needs an optimized system setting
By Newsday Apr. 20, 2024
Crypto Convenience: How to Buy iPhones Safely and Securely
The ability to buy iPhones with cryptocurrency represents a significant milestone in the convergence of technology
By Newsday Apr. 9, 2024
● Insider's Guide to Maximizing Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer
Can anonymous viewing be used for market research purposes
By Newsday Mar. 29, 2024
Saving Your Spreadsheets: A Complete Guide to Repair Excel File Online
Wondershare Repairit emerges as a robust file repair tool tailored to rescue your essential data
By Newsday Mar. 12, 2024
Enhancing Your Instagram Presence: Unveiling the Secrets of Free Instagram Likes
Always keep a thought in your mind, to build a strong online presence
By Newsday Mar. 1, 2024
Video Recovery Made Easy: Tips and Tricks Restore Video with Ease
Restoring lost videos can be stressful, but with the right tools and techniques
By Newsday Feb. 27, 2024
Google’s use of student data could effectively ban Chromebooks from Denmark schools
The agency found that Google uses student data from Chromebooks and Google Workplace for Education “for its own purposes,” which isn’t allowed under European privacy law.
By The Verge Feb. 8, 2024
Tesla owners told not to wear Apple virtual reality headsets while driving
Videos posted online show people in the drivers seats of cars which have an autonomous mode, while wearing the Apple headset over their eyes.
By BBC News Feb. 6, 2024
Quick Turn PCB Assembly: Tips for Speedy and Reliable Manufacturing
The list of benefits associated with a quick turn PCB assembly does not conclude here. Some of the additional benefits
By Newsday Jan. 23, 2024
Crafting Logos for Eco-Friendly Brands with CapCut's Logo Maker Tool
A well-designed eco-friendly logo contributes significantly to brand recognition. When consumers see a logo that conveys eco-friendliness
By Newsday Jan. 10, 2024
End of an era for electronics giant Toshiba
It all started in 2015 when accounting malpractices across multiple divisions came to light, with many of them involving top management.
By BBC News Dec. 20, 2023
Navigating the World of IT Certifications: The Role of Practice Tests and the Pitfalls of Exam Dumps with Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA
IT certifications are widely recognized as valuable credentials that validate an individual's skills and knowledge in specific IT domains.
By Newsday Nov. 30, 2023
OpenAI fires co-founder and CEO Sam Altman for allegedly lying to company board
Altman tweeted a sunny message after the combative announcemen
By The Guardian Nov. 18, 2023
faudster gets millions from Bitcoin investors
Bitcoin is said to be a crypto currency invented in 2008 by unknown people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. It started in 2009 when its implementation was released as open-source softwar
By Newsday Oct. 29, 2023
iPhone users say Apple's iOS 17.1 update is RUINING their battery life
While many iPhone users rushed to install the update, new reports may have you delaying the download. 
By Daily Mail Oct. 27, 2023
Finbok Diverse Investment Opportunities | A Candid Look at Digital Trading Today
Nobody likes hidden costs. The sting of unexpected fees can sour any trading experience. Finbok.com addresses this head-on
By Newsday Oct. 18, 2023
Australia fines X for failing to crack down on child abuse content
Alphabet's Google was also issued a warning for noncompliance with its request for information about handling of child abuse content.
By BBC News Oct. 16, 2023