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What Does the Future Hold for Zimbabwe’s Gaming Industry?

Zimbabwe has been picking up its stride when it comes to the development of its entertainment industry and gaming industry. There is plenty of potential for finding a great gaming audience here as the Zimbabwean population is mainly comprised of young people. The youth is also talented, and their talents can be utilized for game […]

By The NewsDay Apr. 21, 2021
Towards Digital, Maintainable and Comprehensive Worldwide Economy.
Towards Digital, Maintainable and Comprehensive Worldwide Economy.

Digital globalization, characterized to a great extent by streams of information and data, maybe an unused shape of globalization. It brings about pertinent changes with respect to how trade is done over borders, the stream of financial benefits, and broadening participation. Countries cannot be separated from the worldwide economy. In any case, nowadays the design […]

By Newsday Dec. 24, 2020
How the investor accepting bitcoin for their company

A lot of small companies and in particular online retailers are curious if they should start taking cryptocurrency as payment. Crypto instalments have discovered a sensible specialty in the acquisition of land on the dark market. However different organizations may think that it’s harder to get substantial advantages. The cryptocurrency adoption had definite advantages with […]

By The NewsDay Oct. 16, 2020
Why does the hash rate (mining speed) change?

We have already explained that the hash rate means the calculation power and the processing speed required for mining, but what is the reason why this hash rate fluctuates? If many people participate in mining and many calculations are performed, the amount of calculations per hour will also increase, so the hash rate will increase. […]

By The NewsDay Jul. 18, 2020
What is hash rate? All you Should Know

Hash Rate is a numerical value that shows the mining speed of Bitcoin (BTC). It is used as a numerical value that indicates the computational power of a mining computer, but it is also used as an index to predict the price of Bitcoin (BTC). About Bitcoin (BTC) and mining Fiat currencies such as yen, […]

By The NewsDay Jul. 16, 2020
What is P2P Peer to Peer-Direct communication between smartphones, which are in the spotlight in the IoT era

Blockchain uses a network called “P2P (peer-to-peer)”, which is different from conventional networks. We will introduce the structure, characteristics, and mechanism of P2P (peer-to-peer) networks, and explain how they differ from conventional networks. P2P (Peer to Peer) Network Structure and Mechanism The data communication can be roughly divided into the client server method and the […]

By The NewsDay Jul. 16, 2020
What is P2P (Peer to Peer)? Detailed explanation from mechanism to application example

P2P is an abbreviation of “Peer-to-Peer”. It is a communication technology or software that allows an unspecified number of terminals (smartphones, etc.) to directly share data files with each other without going through a server. “Peer” means “a terminal that shares information on an equal footing”, and a terminal connected to a network is sometimes […]

By The Standard Jul. 15, 2020
PDF to PowerPoint Review – How to Convert PDF to PPT Online for Free

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint on EasePDF With EasePDF, you can convert PDF to a PowerPoint in three simple steps with ease, just like any other conversion on this website. No matter you’re a pro or a newbie on PDF, you won’t get it wrong! Now let’s see how it works. Step 1. Upload […]

By The NewsDay Feb. 28, 2020
Top 5 Largest Data Breaches Of All Time Affected Millions Of People

The age of keeping records on paper is slowly reaching towards its termination. Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft- the 4 tech giants alone have over 1.2 Petabytes of data. However, the age of digitalisation has brought a very major concern of security to light. Despite these 4 giants having so much control, even they have […]

By The NewsDay Nov. 22, 2019
What to Know About Fintech in Africa

Fintech is a very broad term, and one that is easily confusable with other tech concepts. In short, fintech is financial technology, but it has also become a byword for the businesses and industry that uses new technology in the financial world. PayPal is an example of fintech, as is anything that broadly enables financial […]

By The NewsDay Jul. 29, 2019
The Most Hilarious and Outrageous Fake News About 5G

The Most Hilarious and Outrageous Fake News About 5G Humanity has a history of inventing new and amazing things – and an equally long history of naysayers, critics, and dogmatic thinking. Back in the day, the dogma said that the Earth is the centre of the universe – the scientists providing evidence for the contrary […]

By The NewsDay Jul. 8, 2019
#InnovateAfrica : Low cost radio on your phone

Imagine your phone – whether smart or feature- being able to receive radio broadcast for just a little data.

By The NewsDay Dec. 15, 2016
#InnovateAfrica : Low cost radio on your phone

Imagine your phone – whether smart or feature- being able to receive radio broadcast for just a little data.

By The NewsDay Dec. 15, 2016
Let’s rally behind local innovators

The biggest complaint coming from young and eager innovators in Zimbabwe is that often their ideas are stolen.

By The NewsDay Oct. 24, 2016
Econet launches e-learning platform

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe is targeting over 3,6 million students from both tertiary and secondary schools in Zimbabwe to benefit from its new e-learning platform, Ruzivo.

By The NewsDay Feb. 4, 2016
Liquid Telecom to build undersea cable

Liquid Sea, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liquid Telecom, has started a project to build a new subsea cable linking Africa to the Middle East with onwards connectivity to Europe.

By The NewsDay Dec. 17, 2015
Govt takes over Telecel

Global Telecom Holdings, a unit of Amsterdam -headquartered telecoms services provider VimpelCom, has sold its 60% stake in Telecel Zimbabwe to ZARNet in a deal worth $40 million.

By The NewsDay Nov. 18, 2015
Strive Masiyiwa honored

Econetwireless founder and Executive Chairman,Strive Masiyiwa picked up two prestigious awards in New York this week in recognition of his philanthropic work.On Tuesday he was honored by the United Nations Foundation for co-ordinating African business support for efforts in the fight against the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

By The NewsDay Nov. 6, 2015
NetOne to create own apps

MOBILE telecommunications company NetOne plans to create its own local applications to earn additional revenue for their business following a surge in their data traffic to two terabytes a day.

By The NewsDay Oct. 22, 2015
TelOne legacy debt spills into Cabinet

Government’s proposal to take over TelOne’s $322 million legacy debt is expected to be presented in Cabinet as it moves to clean the balance sheet of the State-owned telecommunications company.

By The NewsDay Oct. 20, 2015
NetOne on restructuring exercise

NetOne has confirmed the restructuring of the company, saying a number of outsiders will be roped into key positions as part of the overhaul at the country’s second largest mobile operator.

By The NewsDay Oct. 13, 2015
Liquid Telecom, Airtel sign fibre network deal

Liquid Telecom have signed an agreement with Bharti Airtel, an Indian mobile broadband company, to provide them with terrestrial fibre network and to connect the company’s mobile base stations and enterprises.

By The NewsDay Sep. 24, 2015
Breaking News: Econet buys Telecel Globe

VimpelCom, the parent company of Telecel Globe, has just announced via a press release that it has sold all its shareholding in Telecel Globe to Econet Wireless Global for US $65 million.

By The NewsDay Oct. 20, 2014
Telecoms operators invest $40m in network expansion

MOBILE and fixed operators in Zimbabwe have invested
$40 million in network expansion and fibre optic infrastructure investments for the first half of the year.

By The NewsDay Sep. 18, 2014
EcoCash launches MasterCard debit card

ECONET Wireless’ mobile money service EcoCash has launched a MasterCard-enabled debit card, giving subscribers access to paying for goods and services

By The NewsDay Jul. 31, 2014
Telecel taps into retail sector

TELECOMMUNICATIONS firm Telecel says it is planning to tap into the retail sector as a new revenue stream.

By The NewsDay Jul. 22, 2014
Telecel launches debit card

ZIMBABWE’S second largest mobile operator Telecel has introduced a debit card for its mobile money transfer service.

By The NewsDay Jul. 17, 2014
Telecel targets data usage as subscribers shift from voice

MOBILE telecommunications company Telecel says it is increasingly focusing on data services as a business strategy in line with current trends in the market.

By The NewsDay Jul. 10, 2014