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Zim’s lithium gambit: Navigating China-US rivalry

AS the world is going through the green energy revolution, a steady supply of critical minerals such as lithium is paramount.
By Samir Bhattacharya 2h ago
Corporate profit maximisation pursuit drowns companies
Corporate profit maximisation pursuit drowns companies
The first 737 Max crash was Lion Air (October 29, 2018) and the second was Ethiopian Airlines (March 10, 2019). The two crashes killed all 346 people on board.
By AMH Voices Jul. 13, 2024
Re-construct your thoughts
Psychologists talk of neuroplasticity, when they define or refer to the ability of the mind to grow or stretch and change.
By Jonah Nyoni Jul. 13, 2024
Digital threats to elections: Learning from what has worked in Africa
International, national and local organisations seek to mitigate these threats, but it is not easy to tell which efforts have worked.
By AMH Voices Jul. 13, 2024
Emergency programmes: The economic sinkhole
Media reports say the Zec tenders could be as high as US$100 million.
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Jul. 13, 2024
Why borrowing isn’t always the best way forward
Generally a country can borrow domestically and/or from foreign suppliers of loans.
By Prosper Munyedza Jul. 12, 2024
Zacc should investigate land allocation
This is sad as capable people are disadvantaged merely because of corrupt activities on the part of some officials in the ministry.
By Johannes Marisa Jul. 12, 2024
The true immorality of Israeli-Hamas war
Throughout recorded military history, insurgent forces have enjoyed one crucial advantage over the conventional forces they have faced.
By Ignatius Tsuro Jul. 11, 2024
Roads to impress Sadc and prisons to suppress citizens
It has taken at least a month for the government to realise something needs to be done to deal with the outbreak.
By Trevor Ncube Jul. 11, 2024
Opposition members languish in remand prison amid health scare. 
Members of the Zimbabwe vigil coalition expressed concern about the torture that these people are going through.
By Opinion Jul. 10, 2024
African territorial mass markets define the meaning of staple food
These disruptive trends are being driven by territorial markets through unique aggregation and distribution prowess.
By Charles Dhewa Jul. 10, 2024
Conceit is God’s gift to little men
Consequently, a keen sense of discernment of the nuance and subtlety behind Bruce’s insights confirms that little men are prone to conceit.
By Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana Jul. 10, 2024
Please stop making our children idolise tyranny, Mr President
Surely, who, in their right mind, would actually believe that running down a country and bringing indescribable misery on people’s lives is a good thing?
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Jul. 9, 2024
Hitting a Jackpot: Is it Possible with Online Slots?
If the RNG is 100% randomized, then the chances to hit a jackpot are extremely low.
By Newsday Jul. 8, 2024
DashTickets insights: What are the Top 5 Casino Management Software?
It is a hardware-independent platform capable of deploying private cloud as per the needs of the client.
By Newsday Jul. 8, 2024
Messaging key in climate issues
The first assumption is that when a message is communicated communication has taken place. That is a dangerous assumption as communication is more than that.
By Peter Makwanya Jul. 8, 2024
The world needs peace to address hunger
These are critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of ending hunger.
By Tapiwa Gomo Jul. 8, 2024
Donor (in)dependent
The Zimbabwe government this week boasted that it was achieving great strides in provision of health services to its people
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Jul. 6, 2024
The doctrine of identification.
Jesus was driven out of the city to be crucified on Golgotha. The other goat was killed. Jesus died.
By Erasmus Makarimayi Jul. 6, 2024
ED blew a golden chance
Most Zimbabweans across the country thought Mnangagwa was going to perform better than his predecessor, Mugabe.
By Leonard Koni Jul. 6, 2024
Success, the inner game
A parent has the power to transform the personality of a child with his or her vibrations.
By Jonah Nyoni Jul. 6, 2024
Saving our soils in Africa may be the only path left to a future
It’s a carbon source that holds the potential to make our man-made greenhouse gasses nearly insignificant by comparison.
By Jenny Luesby Jul. 5, 2024
Treat current flu with extra caution
Tests done so far have not shown the presence of COVID-19, but a mere influenza virus
By Johannes Marisa Jul. 5, 2024
Navigating the transition: Supporting mental health during major life changes for youth
While the major life changes faced by youth can be overwhelming, it is essential to recognise the inherent resilience and adaptability of this demographic.
By Raymond Rusinga Jul. 4, 2024
Tackling the scourge of child pregnancies in Zim requires multi-sectoral collaboration
The education sector has a duty to intensify sexuality education appropriate to children’s maturity and empower them to protect their dignity.
By Lawrence Makamanzi Jul. 4, 2024
Best Credit Card Gambling Sites in the UK
Mastercard stands as a close competitor to Visa in terms of online casino acceptance.
By Newsday Jul. 3, 2024
How African mass markets enable participants to write their own CVs
The more an individual farmer or trader participates in the mass market, the more his/her CV is enhanced.
By Charles Dhewa Jul. 3, 2024
Association with Chivayo warrants impeachment from Presidency
His flying with you in your aircraft and hanging around you at your farm point to mutuality.
By Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana Jul. 3, 2024