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The counter productivity of fragmented investment systems

The absence of handling facilities in mass markets also constrain traders in terms of commodities they can buy in bulk and store before they start incurring losses.
By Charles Dhewa 15h ago
Zim authorities detain suspects indefinitely, despite laws
Zim authorities detain suspects indefinitely, despite laws
The Constitution provides for compensation when the arrested person has not been accorded their rights. These rights include release from detention within 48 hours of the initial arrest.
By Global Press Journal Feb. 20, 2024
The crisis of electoral integrity in Zim
Elections not only allow for participation and legitimacy, but also facilitate the peaceful transfer of power, making it feasible to hold the powerful accountable.
By Runyararo Ndaramo Feb. 20, 2024
Climate-induced drought firmly upon us, possible lessons for future preparedness
In all this scenario, preparedness is key and countries need to invest in early warning systems, communication and awareness to save lives.
By Peter Makwanya Feb. 19, 2024
Decoloniality vs mental re-orientation
African victories are not determined by the applause from the people but by Western institutions. It is the same with elections.
By Tapiwa Gomo Feb. 19, 2024
Diplomacy and protocol for captains of industry
Maintaining a polished and professional appearance sets the tone for diplomatic interactions, instilling confidence and respect among counterparts.
By Jonah Nyoni Feb. 17, 2024
Zim’s futile dance with IMF
Is Mnangagwa and his Cabinet ready to bite the bullet and implement the demanded reforms? To a great extent, the answer is an emphatic no!
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Feb. 17, 2024
The climate debate on role of livestock misses the mark
Africa needs to be able to realise the full potential of its livestock sector as a driver for development, and this has been recognised by the African Union in its Agenda 2063.
By AMH Voices Feb. 17, 2024
Unpacking news participation and online engagement over time
Now, as publishers and journalists increasingly worry about news avoidance and disengagement, they are also grappling with a “new normal” of more online .
By Kirsten Eddy Feb. 17, 2024
Introduction to Jesus Christ’s testimony
If one is testifying as a born again believer, s/he is not the past person. In Christ, we are new creatures/creation.
By Erasmus Makarimayi Feb. 17, 2024
Behind the Baobab Curtain: Putin’s adventures are reshaping Africa
The split was a blow to Nigerian President Bola Tinubu, who became chairman of Ecowas only five weeks before the 26 July coup in Niger.
Pastor Chris' healing streams kicks off this March
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is widely regarded as a leader in the Christian community, impacting lives globally through his ministry and teachings.
By Newsday Feb. 16, 2024
Zim leaders are from Mars
As such, the rich will only get richer, while the poor get poorer.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Feb. 16, 2024
Unlocking the potential of urban waste management
Recognising the value that waste pickers bring to communities and the environment is crucial.
By Tonderayi Matonho Feb. 16, 2024
Press freedom is everyone’s responsibility
Journalists have allowed themselves to be answerable to politicians.
By Trevor Ncube Feb. 15, 2024
Our central hospitals cry for serious attention
If Wicknell Chivhayo can purchase cars worth millions of dollar for artists, I do not think he will refuse to sort the miserable water system at Sally Mugabe Hospital if he is approached.
By Johannes Marisa Feb. 15, 2024
Silenced Voices: The Struggle for basic human Rights Within Chikurubi Maximum Prison”
The saga of Tungamirai Madzokere is one that weaves together resilience, injustice, and redemption.
By ZimRights Feb. 14, 2024
On the festival of ashes, roses and rights
Today is Rights Wednesday at the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights), a day that we spotlight various aspects of human rights every week. 
By Dzikamai Bere Feb. 14, 2024
Exploring Career Paths Through Astrology
Horoscope.net is a great way to start your journey into the fascinating world of astrology
By Newsday Feb. 14, 2024
Withdraw Zimdollar from circulation
As a matter of fact, probity warrants that government’s determination to get on top of the price crisis is achievable only by withdrawing the Zimdollar from circulation.
By Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana Feb. 14, 2024
Feature: Politicians, dubious offer letters spur farm evictions
They were remanded in custody for two weeks after being arrested for occupying Gelyksvlei (Lazy Five) Farm in Karoi, Hurungwe district in Mashonaland West province.
By Sydney Kawadza and Nunurai Jena Feb. 13, 2024
Employee data protection a top compliance priority in 2024
Data privacy refers to the rights and obligations related to protecting collected and stored personal information.
By Emmanuel Zvada Feb. 13, 2024
Zim can kiss salvation goodbye
That is how we are so easily manipulated by those in power — as the ruling party blames the opposition, and in turn, the opposition faults the ruling party.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Feb. 13, 2024
Why Rwanda’s Kagame is doing well
The road has not been easy for Rwandan President Paul Kagame as there have been setbacks and criticism regarding his leadership style
By Tapiwa Gomo Feb. 12, 2024
Carbon conspiracy, tussling bearing no solutions
In this emission discourse, it is important for people to demonstrate the reduction of carbon footprints within one’s control.
By Peter Makwanya Feb. 12, 2024
CCC is like today’s Zanu PF
CCC is like the Zanu PF which went through many stages of formation and rebirth from the black resistance against white colonialism.
By AMH Voices Feb. 12, 2024
N-Acetyl selank amidate: an overview
N-Acetyl Selank Amidate: Mechanism of Action
By Newsday Feb. 10, 2024
The evolution of Olympic kickboxing: Bridging traditional martial arts with modern sport
Olympic Kickboxing stands at a crossroads, poised to impact the world of sports significantly in the years to come.
By Newsday Feb. 10, 2024