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Nick writes for relationship struggles

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It follows the successful publication of his other books such as Worth the Wait, Waiting on My Boaz and Woman.

AUTHOR and relationship coach Tinaani Nick says his latest book addresses issues that are happening in modern relationships which are affecting the youth.

The book titled Zvemoyo (Matters of the Heart) will be launched this Saturday in the capital.

It follows the successful publication of his other books such as Worth the Wait, Waiting on My Boaz and Woman.

“The book revolves around modern relationships. We have witnessed a high rise in suicide cases happening mainly due to how relationships are being handled. It also traces the evolution of relationships and how people used to have relationships,” he said.

Nick said he took time to trace relationships through music that resonated with the dating or relationship space.

“In the 90s we had songs like Mudiwa Janet by the late John Chibadura which spoke about a single father dating a single woman. The song also explains issues of single fathers and mothers. It is not an issue that we are only facing now, it has always been happening,” he said.

Through the book, Nick said he was trying to bring out the changes that have taken place in terms of relationships over time.

He also yearns to put it across that relationships do exist as opposed to the beliefs of a generation where being savage seems trendy, entanglements are the order of the day and no strings attached seems to pull strings and blessers are rampant. This, according to Nick, makes people think that it is cool to hate relationships.

“As the dating sphere turns darker, marriages are no longer respected and people cheat like its a sport. We pretend to hate relationships and act as if we are strong but suicide cases emanating from romantic relationships have been on the rise,” he said.

“People act like they do not care about relationships, but deep down yearn for a connection. I want to remind people through my book that whatever is happening in their relationship space is not because love does not exist.”

Nick said it was fulfilling to receive positive feedback from the people he has helped to solve their relationship issues.

“I love to see people in love, I enjoy love and I like to see people heal as well as have fulfilling relationships,” he said.

Nick reckons that being a relationship coach puts his life under the radar. There are a lot of expectations from the public such that he needs to be a good role model to those who look up to him.

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