Kariba cllrs defy Chamisa directive

Kariba has 12 councillors, nine elected on CCC tickets and three under women proportional representation (two from CCC and one from Zanu PF).
By Staff Reporter 1h ago

Zanu PF members in bloody clashes

Zanu PF Sally Mugabe district chairperson Passwell Mubaiwa confirmed that he had unleashed the youths to disperse the villagers illegally settled on his property.
By Problem Masau 23h ago

Zanu PF supporters spend weekend in remand

Allegations are that 12 Zanu PF members on September 19 this year unlawfully disturbed the peace, security or order by ignoring a police order to stop the demonstration .
By Trevor Mutsvairo Sep. 25, 2023

Sir Wicknell gifts ‘Zanu PF’ artists

During this year’s campaign, Hwenje became famous for his hit song Mai Welly (Tsepetetsepete), which became a hit at rallies.
By Sindiso Dube Sep. 24, 2023

Editorial Comment: Scrap obnoxious NGO bill

The PVO Amendment Bill was passed by the then Zanu PF dominated Parliament early this year despite warnings from United Nations experts that it violated the right to freedom of association.
By The Standard Sep. 24, 2023

Mnangagwa challenger trial kicks off

The court also heard that Musengezi was still a member of Zanu PF because he has a party membership card and is paying subscriptions.
By Trevor Mutsvairo Sep. 22, 2023

SA-based Zimbos rope in Malema in poll protest

It noted that Zimbabweans were suffering under a military dictatorship, which subjects them to torture, abduction, rape and murder.
By Silas Nkala and Lorraine Muromo Sep. 21, 2023

Whither Zimbabwe?

Now it is clear why Zanu PF did not have an election manifesto as family and clan considerations took precedence over the national purpose for Cabinet ministers.
By Trevor Ncube Sep. 21, 2023

CCC activist docked over Zanu PF cell registers

Moyo, who was in the company of other CCC activists, allegedly seized the Zanu PF cell registers they were holding and drove off.
By Own Correspondent Sep. 19, 2023