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Zim heading to UNGA summit with dirty hands

Unfortunately, as things stand, Zimbabwe will have a hard time to convince the world that it subscribes to R2P principles given what is transpiring in our midst.
By Newsday Aug. 31, 2022

Shareholders approve ZW$1.5bn dividend

Shareholders approve ZW$1.5bn dividend
By Newsday Sep. 1, 2022

Lest our MPs forget

Many of us begin to wonder what use these legislators are to us when they seem to have little interest in our welfare.
By Newsday Sep. 2, 2022

Education crisis mirrors national problem

Threats by teachers to embark on industrial action will also make things worse.
By Newsday Sep. 2, 2022

Mr President, what message do you have for diasporan Zimbos at UNGA?

I am sure some of them will be waiting for you to fulfil your promise and put in place mechanisms to enable them to vote in next year’s harmonised elections.
By Newsday Sep. 2, 2022

Vote overwhelmingly to counter rigging

Election rigging can be prevented if complaint forms are provided, which the agents can fill to challenge the process.
By Newsday Sep. 6, 2022

Zim schooling now a big, painful joke

The educators’ decision to continue their age-old protest over poor salaries & working conditions comes as school authorities at both public & private schools have decided to migrate to US$ fees.
By Newsday Sep. 6, 2022

Letters: Steep increase in nomination fees has a bearing on democracy

The steep increase in nomination fees has a bearing on participatory democracy.
By Newsday Sep. 7, 2022

Aggression won't build Brand Zimbabwe

One simple question immediately comes to mind: Has the “Zimbabwe is open for business” brand expired and if it has, what is the new rallying call?
By Newsday Sep. 7, 2022

Delays in ratifying AU human rights charter disconcerting

Little wonder there is so much flight of citizens from the continent to other continents where they feel safe and respected as human beings.
By Newsday Sep. 8, 2022

Authorities must act to restore functional capital markets

Without foreign currency or financing from the capital markets, manufacturing firms are limited to their current positions as they lack money to invest in new potential projects
By Newsday Sep. 12, 2022

Afreximbank delegation to attend Africa Energy week

AEC says the Afreximbank had committed to funding projects across the entire energy sector and value chain
By Newsday Sep. 12, 2022

Zec must reduce candidate nomination fees

The poor will not manage to pay and this means that political participation is now reserved for the rich.
By Newsday Sep. 12, 2022

Time govt acted on those refusing vaccination

We believe it is high time the country made a clear decision on this group of people whose religious beliefs are a real threat to the lives of every citizen in the country.
By Newsday Sep. 13, 2022

How to Grab Knowledge about Profitable BTC Trading in Liechtenstein?

How to Grab Knowledge about Profitable BTC Trading in Liechtenstein?
By Newsday Sep. 10, 2022

Econet Life launches micro-pension fund product

The new product, called Dura/Isiphala Pension Fund, was launched in Kariba at the weekend.
By Newsday Sep. 13, 2022

UZ situation, a mere tip of the iceberg

The intrusion of the anti-riot police in the UZ fees crisis exposes how politics has always muddied economic issues in the country.
By Newsday Sep. 14, 2022

EcoCash, OK Zimbabwe seal partnership

The new OK Zimbabwe will add even more convenience to EcoCash customers, the company said.
By Newsday Sep. 14, 2022

Govt to blame for Mupedzanhamo chaos

The market was forced to shut down after some outlaws, who had invaded the market premises, started demanding money from traders.
By Newsday Sep. 15, 2022

Zimbabweans living in SA can now buy airtime for family, friends at home courtesy of Econet

To buy 263 Toppa airtime, Zimbabweans living in South Africa simply need to visit shops and retail outlets, such as Shoprite supermarkets.
By Newsday Sep. 15, 2022

'AU, EU must intervene on Zim crisis'

We cannot have dialogue with the ruling party which has over the years refused to reform
By Newsday Sep. 17, 2022

Zanu PF stretching the truth on prices

So, while the Zimbabwe dollar is seemingly “appreciating”, it isn’t, because the same challenges that weakened it are still at play.
By Newsday Sep. 19, 2022

Letters: Democratise natural resource governance

Democracy is not an event but a way of life. Democracy is not limited to the day of voting but rather it is reflected in how the voter is treated between elections.
By Newsday Sep. 19, 2022

Has Zim sunk this low?

When we get to a stage where we, as a people in this modern age, are unable to preserve our dead before burial, this is beyond failure.
By Newsday Sep. 20, 2022

Dump this 99-year lease nonsense

There is absolutely something wrong with how our government is handling this land issue and the 99-year lease issue is just a red herring.
By Newsday Sep. 21, 2022

What Are the Advantages of Using the Best Bitcoin ATM?

Lets You Do More Than Just Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency
By Newsday Sep. 18, 2022

Numbers of women dying while giving birth scandalous

For a nation like Zimbabwe to be losing women in such huge numbers while giving life speaks to the many challenges it is facing
By Newsday Sep. 22, 2022

Polarisation, intolerance remain a threat democracy, peace

To help build a peaceful nation, ZLHR implores government to;
By Newsday Sep. 23, 2022

Dear Zimbabweans, we need your support

We are suffering and being persecuted for loving our country and the downtrodden in our society, with all our hearts and soul.
By Newsday Sep. 24, 2022