‘Police officers should be disciplined’

Speaking at a farewell function for the outgoing officer commanding Beitbridge District Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo, Makuvaza said police work required loyalty, dedication and honesty.
By Rex Mphisa Mar. 26, 2024

Suspected donkey thief tortured to death

He said another villager threw a scorpion into Sibanda's shirt and it repeatedly stung him.
By Rex Mphisa Jan. 22, 2024

Armed robbers escape from police custody

Some residents allege police may have been corrupted to let the suspects walk away.
By Rex Mphisa Oct. 28, 2023

Scores injured in bus crash

According to witnesses who spoke to NewsDay, the accident, which took place just after Bubi
By Rex Mphisa Oct. 4, 2023

Children stumble upon body of missing man

The deceased had been reported missing having been attacked by robbers. His body was decomposing.
By Rex Mphisa Oct. 1, 2023

Armed robbers attack crowd-fund custodian

The couple is part of a team mobilising money to assist Taurai Amani and his family recover the house they lost to a loan shark who had lent them US$2 000.
By Rex Mphisa Sep. 27, 2023

Robbers pounce on crowd-fund custodian

A number of Beitbridge residents yesterday reacted angrily to lack of urgency displayed by police demanded increased patrols.
By Rex Mphisa Sep. 26, 2023

Four family members die in car crash

Officer commanding Beitbridge Police District Chief Superintendent, Tichaona Nyongo, confirmed the tragedy but did not give further details.
By Rex Mphisa May. 20, 2023

Municipal cop axes wife, hangs self over US$600

Neighbours said the couple had a dispute with the wife demanding the money she left behind when she was jailed three months for assaulting a neighbour.
By Rex Mphisa Apr. 27, 2023