EditorialComment: Don’t cover up Chivayo scandal

In its response where it denied any relationship with the trio, Zec left us with more questions than answers.
By The Standard Jun. 23, 2024

Chivayo investigation hits stumbling block

Zacc chairperson Michael Reza on Monday revealed that the commission had gathered more documentary evidence.
By Priveledge Gumbodete and Silas Nkala Jun. 19, 2024

Katsimberis loses court bid to compel prosecutor to testify in his case

Katsimberis had cited presiding magistrate Vongai Guwuriro and the National Prosecuting Authority as respondents
By Desmond Chingarande Jun. 3, 2024

Zacc warns of hurdles to govt’s Vision 2030

The Zacc boss added that the commission evaluated compliance at government ministries and organisations through spot checks and assessments, and the results were startling.
By Staff Writer May. 31, 2024

Zacc implicated in Cottco chaos

Reports indicate that business operations have been crippled at Cottco head office after Zacc officers camped at the site demanding information pertaining to day-to-day operations.
By Freeman Makopa Apr. 29, 2024

CCC activists’ case haunts Reza

The affidavit, allegedly filed on October 28, 2020, is said to have been created without Manokore's knowledge or presence.
By Problem Masau Mar. 15, 2024

Top prosecutor put on the spot for ‘lying’

The two have, however, refused to recuse themselves from the case despite the allegations of bias.
By Staff Reporter Feb. 16, 2024

Deputy PG implicated in gold mine scandal

The allegations against Reza are contained in several documents filed by Blackgate to the police against individuals, including former mines minister Winston Chitando.
By Shame Makoshori and Julia Ndlela Feb. 9, 2024

State grills Katsimberis over “forged” document

THE State has accused property developer George Katsimberis of forging a court record which he later submitted as a court transcript in his fraud trial.
By Desmond Chingarande Jan. 24, 2024