PSH grapples with sexual harassment saga

The fraudulent activities resulted in financial losses for PSH as it had to reimburse donors to maintain trust and prevent the misuse of resources.
By Julia Ndlela Jun. 21, 2024

High cost of motherhood: A silent maternal epidemic in Zim

This is how countless women in Zimbabwe find themselves ensnared by the silent suffering of obstetric fistula, often unaware of this debilitating condition.
By Regina Rumbidzai Pasipanodya Jun. 20, 2024

Govt must subsidise blood supply

There are several sin taxes in Zimbabwe and we urge Treasury to timely disburse funds to the health sector if blood supply is to be constant.
By Newsday Jun. 17, 2024

Cimas expands service provision to tertiary care

“Medlabs attendances lagged by 16% from prior year due to the impact of co-payments and competition from new laboratories set during the financial year.”
By Staff Reporter Jun. 16, 2024

Lessons to draw from SA’s national health policy (II)

This is what motivated the South African government to try and bring balance by introducing National Health Insurance.
By Kevin Tutani Jun. 14, 2024

Fend off diseases before outbreaks: CWGH

The insight was shared by CWGH executive director Itai Rusike, as government began stakeholder engagements to come up with a comprehensive NHI.
By Gamuchirai Nyamuziwa Jun. 14, 2024

Molecular Printing of Food for Athletes

This technique guarantees that each serving is designed with even the least nutritional aspect
By Newsday Jun. 14, 2024

Govt steps up efforts to establish national health insurance

He said government would engage in a thorough and inclusive discussion about the design, implementation and sustainability of the NHIS.
By Ropafadzo Makosi Jun. 12, 2024

Feature: 2 years on, Bikita women await Presidential borehole scheme

Ward 5 community health worker Jesina Masvovere said there was an urgent need to avail a safer drinking water source for the community.
By Miriam Mangwaya Jun. 11, 2024