Edgars bullish on turnaround strategy

This comes at a time when most clothing retailers have had to move away from selling strictly on a credit basis to a hybrid model of credit/cash as forex disparities persist.
By Melody Chikono Dec. 19, 2023

Civil servants scoff at split-bonus payments

They have been demanding a once-off payment of their bonus in both foreign and local currency.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Nov. 24, 2023

Civil servants restive over bonus

The civil servants have also requested government to deal with some of the outstanding issues agreed on to improve their working conditions.
By Kenneth Nyangani Nov. 6, 2023

Civil servants eye 100% bonus

Government and civil servants have fought endless battles over salary and working conditions issues, with workers demanding US$540 which is the pre-October 2018 salary.
By Kenneth Nyangani Oct. 19, 2023

Living a lie

What is there to enjoy when people are failing to afford the basic needs of life?
By Newsday Sep. 20, 2023

Zanu PF needs to pass a free and fair election test

Along with intimidation and using shadowy groups to intimidate opponents and forcing support from vulnerable individuals, Zanu PF has now moved to targeting civil servants.
By Newsday Jun. 30, 2023

PSC orders Zanu PF indoctrination

NewsDay has gathered that the indoctrination exercise, being organised by Zanu PF affiliate Civil Servants TrustED, will be held at district centres across the country.
By Miriam Mangwaya Jun. 25, 2023

Health Talk: Nip the rot in the bud at PSMAS

The last few weeks saw many service providers being summoned by police for alleged fraud involving PSMAS claims.
By Johannes Marisa Jun. 4, 2023

Govt must act sensibly on civil servants wages

Civil servants unions have rightly asked: “How can administrators enforce a good work ethic on the juniors who earn more than them?”
By Newsday Apr. 24, 2023