Rapper AWA brews social medial storm

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Her opinion has received a backlash from some people who feel she was a cry baby and inconsiderate of other regions in the country.

By Sindiso Dube German-based rapper Awa Khiwe has caused a storm on social media in a series of posts speaking on how Matabeleland region is marginalised.

Her opinion has received a backlash from some people who feel she was a cry baby and inconsiderate of other regions in the country.

In her opinion, Awa Khiwe complained about the lack of a national radio station and television station in Bulawayo hence giving Harare-based artists an advantage.

“Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe does not have a radio station that broadcasts nationwide,” she posted.

“We do not have a TV Station. When we talk about exclusion, some people say ‘in Chitungwiza we don’t have a radio station.’

“Listen, we don’t have a radio station in Nkayi as well. We can’t have a radio station on every avenue but we are talking about the second largest city in Zimbabwe.

“A city with more than 600 000 people,  a city that most of us village people are supposed to depend on.

“We are not complaining because we are jealous of those who are making it. This is what most people told Cal_Vin when he spoke out about this issue. This is us asking for the bare minimum here. I don’t understand why this lack of development does not anger people.

“If the state has money for statues and national dresses, they can surely change this. It’s sad how people always say artists from Matabeleland are cry babies who are not working hard enough and ignore the lack of development. It’s sad; it shows our lack of unity and empathy.”

The Bulawayo Arts Awards winner went on to address Gukurahundi which resulted in the death of more than 20 000 people from Matabeleland and Midlands provinces shortly after independence.

“You can’t say you are against Zanu if you still fight other people who are oppressed by it. You are an enabler of oppression,” she said.

“If you think addressing a genocide cover up and how continued alienation of Matabeleland perpetuates division is wrong, then I have nothing else to say to you, you need God and all the angels.

“There are so many Zanu enablers, some know it but most people don’t even see how selfish and arrogant they sound.

“There isn’t a single comment that says: ‘Awa you are lying, this did not happen’ This shows that people know the truth but they still look for ways to cover this truth because it’s ‘problematic’ for them because the truth might cause division and they don’t need that. It will slow down what they are fighting for. You have no idea how selfish that sounds, until Matabeleland issues become national issues.

“I will never believe in fake unity. Let’s fight for everyone, let’s include everyone, and let’s not silence anyone. You know the truth so next time you make excuses for it, put your hand on your chest and say, ‘I am a Zanu PF enabler who does not care about the oppression of my brothers’.”

Awakhiwe added that there were many other regions and tribes that are marginalised in Zimbabwe, hence they also needed attention and she had been ignorant about it.

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