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Kanyemba: Risking lives to stay alive

Typical of a community abandoned by its own government, the Kanyemba people now rely on neighbouring countries for services and all.
By Edgah Gweshe and Tapiwa Zivira Sep. 18, 2022

The story of Romance

Interestingly, Romance’s story is typical of the hundreds of the Doma people who have had to endure a life of abandonment.
By Edgar Gweshe and Tapiwa Zivira Oct. 9, 2022

Terror in Murewa as polls beckon

For being a member of the opposition CCC, Shumba has found himself being a victim of violence a number of times.
By Tapiwa Zivira and Edgar Gweshe Feb. 5, 2023

Dangerous animals force children out of schools

In remote and marginalised areas where human wildlife conflict is rife, there is a critical shortage of teaching staff while in some instances; children are forced to learn under trees.
By Edgar Gweshe and Tapiwa Zivira Apr. 9, 2023

News in-Depth: Zanu PF well-oiled campaign shows patronage machine at work

According to recent research, Zanu PF political elites have maintained tight control of the extraction, refinery and export of mineral resources for political gain.
By Tapiwa Zivira Aug. 13, 2023

Credibility of August 23 polls compromised

According to the Coalition, the pre-election environment has already proved that the Wednesday election does not pass the test of credibility based on a number of factors.
By Tapiwa Zivira Aug. 20, 2023