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China-backed controversial mega project in Myanmar rapidly becoming human trafficking hub

Most victims of human trafficking in the region come from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos.
By Ani News Sep. 15, 2022

South-East Asian Nations Show Red Card to China Through Economic Means

In short, the South-East Asian nations have shown a red card to China and its debt-trap tactics with full might.
By Ani News Sep. 25, 2022

Attacks on Chinese citizens in Pakistan distress Beijing

The targeted attacks on Chinese nationals across Pakistan have been carried out by both Sindh and ethnic Baloch rebels, Asian Lite reported.
By Ani News Oct. 13, 2022

Laos Economic Crisis Intensifies Amid Chinese Debt

Laos owes about half of its foreign debt to China, which opened the gate for infrastructural projects.
By Ani News Oct. 16, 2022

Chinese Tech stocks slump as Xi's new team of loyalists lack market-mindedness

Chinese Tech stocks slump as Xi's new team of loyalists lack market-mindedness
By Ani News Nov. 7, 2022

Cambodia needs to tread cautiously in defending China and its debt diplomacy: report

It is widely believed that a secret agreement between Cambodia and China allows the latter to use some facilities for military purposes.
By Ani News Nov. 22, 2022

Beijing seeks ASEAN support for dominance in South China Sea

According to The Singapore Post amid all this China is involved in disputes with countries around the South China Sea
By Ani News Dec. 10, 2022

Xi Jinping’s authoritarian rule is under question by its citizens: Report

It appears that his authoritarian rule is being questioned as the recent angry protests by the people across China over Xi’s Zero-Covid policy is a crucial development.
By Ani News Jan. 5, 2023

China trying to increase influence on journalists in Southeast Asia through training programs: Report

China is thus attempting to achieve greater control over the Chinese language media in Asia and other parts of the world.
By Ani News Feb. 13, 2023

Laos, a Centre for Scam Networks

The Golden Triangle, which spans a land area of 10,000-hectares is located in northwest Laos. It is effectively run by Chinese national Zhao Wei, who owns Kings Resort Casino.
By Ani News Feb. 16, 2023

Economic crisis stalls China-Pakistan Economic Corridor programme

The ongoing financial crisis in Pakistan and the economic slowdown in China appear to have had bearing on the progress of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
By Ani News Feb. 24, 2023

Afghanistan: Parents, children urge Taliban to reopen schools for girls

On Saturday, the parents of students expressed concern for their children’s future and urged the authorities to allow their daughters to return to school.
By Ani News Mar. 28, 2023

China’s economic growth declines amid unrealistic goals

After three years of forcing people to stay indoors due to the state policy, China has taken back its own state policy of zero COVID and opened up the economy.
By Ani News Apr. 5, 2023

Chinese, Qataris Portland deal flops after loss of USD 47.8 million

The NSSF has a 27 per cent stake in EAPCC, with the country’s government ownership standing at 22.3 per cent and Lafarge a 41.7 per cent stake.
By Ani News Apr. 25, 2023

Zimbabwe shuts down Chinese-owned Bikita Minerals weeks after claims of lithium looting

It suspended operations at its Masvingo mine for seven days to address ‘concerns raised by authorities’ a few weeks after claims of looting were raised by a local watchdog.
By Ani News May. 24, 2023

Bangladesh: National Data Centre faces failure due to pirated Chinese software

Users merely needed to input their mobile phone numbers to access confidential information like names, cell numbers, and complete delivery addresses.
By Ani News Jun. 19, 2023

China aims to deploy its citizens in counter-espionage

The Ministry of State Security is a lot secretive about its work and even its public website does not describe its activities, according to CNN. 
By Ani News Aug. 14, 2023

China funded over USD 130,000 to Solomon Islands newspaper for favourable coverage: Report

An editorial in the Solomon Star's Tuesday edition defended its Chinese government funding.
By Ani News Aug. 17, 2023

Tibetan NGOs organise candlelight vigil to mark International Prisoners Justice Day

Speaking to ANI, Tashi Dhondup said,"Many people are unaware or little bit aware about the prison and prisoners inside Tibet
By Ani News Aug. 17, 2023

China pushes its hegemonic proposals on international stage

This recently released “reform and development of global governance” proposal emphasizes how Xi has moved from idea to action, from vision to reality.
By Ani News Sep. 26, 2023

Gujarat's Dhordo village gets UNWTO's 'Best Tourism Village' title

The local community of Dhordo played a pivotal role in the village's transformation.
By Ani News Oct. 26, 2023