He claimed that the company was ploughing back to the community through corporate social responsibility programmes.

Byo housing scammer nabbed

Byo housing scammer nabbed
Nyika said police had to use one of his former colleagues to lure the accused, leading to his arrest.
By Nizbert Moyo 12h ago

Mark Zuckerberg approved project pushing pro-Facebook stories into users’ news feeds, report

[ad_1] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally approved an internal effort to push positive stories about the besieged company via users’ News Feeds, The New York Times reported on Tuesday. In January, executives proposed an initiative, code-named “Project Amplify,” to tweak users’ feeds and run ads to show more pro-Facebook news stories and highlight more posts written by […]

By The Standard Sep. 27, 2021

American Football’s early origins linked with two other modern greats

American Football’s early origins linked with two other modern greats

Football has become a game known all over the world and, with the exception of soccer is arguably the most popular sport on earth. The game is clearly derived from a number of other sports that appear to boast similar rules, stylings and team ethics as seen in the American version of the game but exactly […]

By The Standard Feb. 5, 2020

Forex Brokers with 1 USD Minimum Deposit in Tanzania

In terms of trading accounts, there are four different accounts that traders can choose from. These include the standard account, the micro account
By Theindependent Apr. 13, 2024

EdutainmentMix: Glamour, grit, and grace: A model’s guide to self confidence

Nowadays every person who owns a smart phone can take a picture and in the process pose as a model.
By Raymond Millagre Langa Apr. 14, 2024