Matabeleland South provincial veterinary officer Enat Mdlongwa confirmed the decimation of herds in the province as of September this year.

Gukurahundi truth telling demands grow

Gukurahundi truth telling demands grow
A number of speakers said the country was, however, losing an opportunity for a truth-telling process to bring closure and healing.
By Sharon Buwerimwe 46m ago

Mark Zuckerberg approved project pushing pro-Facebook stories into users’ news feeds, report

[ad_1] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally approved an internal effort to push positive stories about the besieged company via users’ News Feeds, The New York Times reported on Tuesday. In January, executives proposed an initiative, code-named “Project Amplify,” to tweak users’ feeds and run ads to show more pro-Facebook news stories and highlight more posts written by […]

By The Standard Sep. 27, 2021

American Football’s early origins linked with two other modern greats

American Football’s early origins linked with two other modern greats

Football has become a game known all over the world and, with the exception of soccer is arguably the most popular sport on earth. The game is clearly derived from a number of other sports that appear to boast similar rules, stylings and team ethics as seen in the American version of the game but exactly […]

By The Standard Feb. 5, 2020

Internet blackouts in Gaza a new weapon in the Israel-Hamas war

On October 27, Israel reportedly imposed a full internet shutdown in the area, cutting off the last remaining connectivity for about 34 hours as its troops moved into the Gaza Strip.
By Jacob Mutisi Dec. 1, 2023

‘Industrial hemp can transform economy’

It took me another year, and I became very desperate because now we were having elections and I didnot know what was going to happen after the elections.
By In Conversation With Trevor Dec. 1, 2023

Chamisa rolls sleeves as battle hots up

This publication established that the court ruling jolted Chamisa and the CCC to hold marathon rallies today amid fears that Tshabangu’s candidates may steal victory.

Suspensions expose serious Zanu PF wars

Mutsvangwa said Zanu PF was an organised party with structures and functional systems that respected party orders.
By Sharon Buwerimwe 42m ago

WestProp, Sharpe win awards

WestProp, Sharpe win awards
WestProp has this year won local, regional and international awards based on its huge impact in the housing sector and astute marketing of its products and brand Zimbabwe.
By Business Reporter 18h ago