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"From Survivor to Superstar: Thandi Draai Brings Her Music to the United States"

The tour is being overseen by Kudakwashe Manase, Founder of Four Promotions Sound and Thandi Draai’s Talent Manager.

Thandi Draai, the South African musical powerhouse, is making waves again. This time, she's traveling across the globe for the considerably immense "Thandi Draai in the U.S.A." concert tour. Known for her vibrant charisma, remarkable voice, and stirring DJ sets, her international reputation as one of the industry’s most exciting performers resonates with each beat. This forthcoming U.S. tour underscores her achievements, cementing her as a notable figure in the global music industry.

The "Thandi Draai in the U.S.A." tour will launch at Culture DC (Washington DC) on December 15, 2023. From there, Thandi will bring her music to Rokwood Nightclub in Dallas, TX on December 17, followed by the Westside Motor Lounge in Atlanta, GA on December 30. The tour will continue after the new year, with performances at Harbor in New York City on February 16, Zanzi in Oakland, CA on March 10, Kulture Lounge in Los Angeles, CA on March 22, 2024, and the final stop on the tour will be Quantum Brooklyn in New York on April 7, 2024. 

The tour is being overseen by Kudakwashe Manase, Founder of Four Promotions Sound and Thandi Draai’s Talent Manager. They have been working together since 2022. Manase, who will also serve as the tour manager, concert producer, and stage manager, has been hard at work to ensure that the tour will be marked by meticulous organization and enthralling performances. Manase will also be producing live streams of each concert. 

Thandi Draai has become a force to be reckoned with in the global music industry. A pioneering South African vocalist, DJ, music producer, and songwriter, her career is marked by major achievements. One of her highlights includes the 2023 single "Abafazi" resonating globally and confirming her multifaceted talent. Notably, her repertoire includes the celebrated compilation "Africa Gets Physical Vol. 4" introducing an international audience to African music and her groundbreaking independently produced album, "Iris," which was one of Africa's first albums solely produced by a female artist. Her 2018 follow-up album "Ingozi," which was released by the Bae Electronic record label, made history in the South African music industry, as she was the first woman of color to release a self-produced record. "Ingozi" went on to receive significant acclaim from fans, critics, and international media outlets.

However, Thandi's journey extends beyond sound, rhythm, and melody. Having faced personal trauma and adversity, she now uses her platform to send a powerful message advocating for women and children who have been victims of abuse. The harrowing experiences of her formative years have molded Draai into a warrior for change. In defiance of societal norms, she publicly shares her tale of survival, shedding a stark light on the grim reality that too many victims suffer in silence. She works closely with the noted South African non-profit organization Give a Child a Family and is the face of their "Hope for Tomorrow" campaign. Her advocacy work propels an international conversation on violence against women and children, spearheading a vital push towards societal reform.

In addition to her recording successes, Draai is a familiar and beloved figure on stages worldwide. Her electrifying performances have ignited numerous global venues and events, including the Club Woza AFIA Festival in Sweden and the Ausbizi concert in South Africa. Her featured performance at the Abracadabra Virtual Music Festival in 2021 solidified her standing in the music industry. She is also known as a charismatic guest on multiple TV and radio shows. Since 2020, she has been the host and a performer on one of the top-rated African radio programs "Bhampa2Bhampa." She was a starring performer on the "Lockdown House Party" TV special broadcast nationwide on South Africa's Channel O. She has also appeared on the hit South African shows "Afternoon Express" and "Trace Stars."

Thandi Draai’s musical journey paints the picture of a woman fiercely carving out her own path in the music industry. She is more than just a trendsetter — she represents the spirit of perseverance, creativity, and passion. Her extensive recognition and accolades reflect the notable impact she has made on music globally. A gifted artist, force of nature, and advocate for the voiceless, Draai continues to be a beacon of brilliance in the global music scene.

The "Thandi Draai in the U.S.A." tour is more than a series of performances – it's a representation of resistance, resilience, and revolution. Each venue will encapsulate the energy and essence of Draai, offering audiences a multifaceted experience of her groundbreaking music. It's a testament to a journey from Africa to the world stage, and a celebration of an artist who remains unapologetically true to her vision.                                                                      

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