Zim youths in hypertension scare

Hypertension is a major risk factor for such attack and chronic kidney diseases which are normally common in people over 50 years.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Dec. 11, 2023

Demystifying youth participation in Zim politics

I will also postulate on what could be driving youth political apathy.
By Innocent Mpoki Jun. 2, 2023

Letters: Youths must pick up broken pieces, build Zim

Today, I challenge the youths to pick up the pieces left by their predecessors and knit them together to build a greater Zimbabwe
By Amh Voices Mar. 4, 2023

Barca Boys’ unwavering passion for hairdressing

Barca Boys comprise of Donald “Bigman” Bero, Respect “Mabhatiri” Siriro, Edmore “Baba Thiago” Msakari, Thomas “Apostle” Mitize, Masimba “Templeman” Samombe, Enerst “Vinnyu” Kamuzimbi.
By Rejoice Phiri Feb. 4, 2023

Let’s closely monitor our kids, if we care

Cherutombo High School should be made an example for other schools that this kind of behaviour has no place in Zimbabwe.
By Newsday Nov. 3, 2022

Half of Zim youths loafing: ZimStat

ZimStat acting manager (labour, market, and statistics department) Tidings Matangira said most of the youth who were in NEET were doing nothing. 
By Miriam Mangwaya Oct. 4, 2022

Young voters could decide Zim’s 2023 presidential election: Will they?

There are varied reasons for the low levels of participation by young people in elections.
By Anotida Chikumbu Sep. 20, 2022