Is hyperinflation crisis back again?

Without decisive action, the country risks further economic deterioration and social unrest given a looming drought which is poised to further weigh down on the economy in the country and the region.
By Tinashe Duma Feb. 2, 2024

Zimura sticks to RTGS royalty pay outs

This decision was in response to recent questions from artists regarding the currency of their royalty payments.
By Sharon Sibindi Dec. 10, 2023

Ceteris Paribus: Zimdollar worse off since 2022

The Zimdollar has shed off -88% against the US dollar since the beginning of the year on the willing-buyer willing-seller market
By Tinashe Duma Dec. 1, 2023

2024 budget strategy paper: Zim’s future looks bleak

Also, the Treasury promised to follow a prudent approach to fiscal management (cash budgeting, raising additional tax revenue, containing spending and efficient resource use) in 2024.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Sep. 22, 2023

Is Zimdollar stabilising or losing relevance?

Due to the high cost of borrowing in local currency, economic agents have found themselves borrowing and lending in foreign currency.
By Rufaro Hozheri Aug. 18, 2023

Zimbabwe to launch gold-backed gigital token to try and stabilize Zimbabwean dollar

Ever since the dramatic collapse of the Zimbabwean dollar back in 2008, the hyperinflation that’s persistent in this part of the world is constantly being discussed by various experts. 
By Newsday Aug. 15, 2023

Piggy’s Trading & Investing Tips: Investing as a poverty alleviation tool

Government, regulators, pension funds and other related institutions need to both encourage and support savings at all levels of the economy. 
By Batanai Matsika Jul. 14, 2023

Tumbling Zimdollar throws Zimbabweans into crisis

“The depreciation of the Zimdollar and high prices negatively impacts the purchasing power of poor households and households earning in the Zimbabwean dollar.
By Elma Zhoya Jun. 16, 2023

Ceteris Paribus: How currency crisis has impacted ZSE

While investors chase value-preservation from the fragile Zimdollar, the ZSE has proved to be the best safe-haven as it is directly driven by money supply and market developments.
By Tinashe Duma Jun. 9, 2023