Stand up speak up shut up

Tim Middleton is the executive director of the Association of Trust Schools [ATS].
By Tim Middleton Feb. 18, 2024

Zim cries for leadership succession

Methinks the soaring inflation and the virtually collapsed local currency continue to confine citizenry to poverty.
By Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana Jan. 3, 2024

School of Sport: WHO IS THE LOSER?

Success in sport requires a huge amount of dogged determination, hard work, digging in through pain and defeat.
By Tim Middleton Sep. 3, 2023

Hebrew scriptures: Ban on idolatry

The Israelites are absolutely forbidden from worshiping or even making graven images.
By Yehuda Appel Jul. 30, 2023

School of sport: FOREVER AND ANON

Many people now enjoy Veterans sport, for which they are eligible at the age of thirty-five. As of July 15 2008
By Tim Middleton Apr. 23, 2023

The sober view: Democracy in Africa needs new tools

For democrats all over the world, this is a serious concern as it indicts the legitimacy of democracy as the best form of government.
By Ntando Dumani Mar. 24, 2023

Faith, perseverance and accomplishment

The process must be complete and each milestone has a meaning in shaping the desired result.
By Prosper Tingini Dec. 18, 2022

The prime ministers who served under Queen Elizabeth II

When Elizabeth’s father died in 1952, Churchill initially complained that she was “only a child.
By Ap News Sep. 9, 2022