3 jumbos gunned down in Beitbridge

Beitbridge residents yesterday joined rangers to skin the elephants for meat.
By Rex Mphisa Jul. 2, 2024

Tendayi soars to US on carved eagles

He believes that urban set-ups are too far from game parks and sculptures help children to know more about animals and leave them with a desire to see the actual animals.
By Tendai Sauta Jun. 28, 2024

22 poachers shot dead

Farawo said they also recovered 94 rifles and 669 rounds of ammunition from the poachers.
By Sharon Sibindi Jun. 16, 2024

Hippo population in sharp decline

According to the survey, the decline has been attributed to droughts and human activities such as poaching along the shared water resource.
By Obert Siamilandu Jun. 8, 2024

Parks Authority dragged to court for double leasing safari area

The safari operator Glenulas Trading Private Limited trading as Sitatunga Safaris Zimbabwe said its lease to operate in the Chirisa Safari area still subsisted.
By Silas Nkala Jun. 7, 2024

Nine-year sentence for possession of ivory

Investigating officers pretended to be buyers and apprehended Ncube while his accomplices managed to make good their escape.
By Daniel Moyo May. 30, 2024

Wild animals terrorise Bulilima villagers

Mlauzi said they had put in place measures to protect schoolchildren from being attacked by wild animals.
By Patricia Sibanda May. 24, 2024

WWF launches biodiversity project in Binga, Hwange

“The main focus is on wetlands and forest restoration and land reclamation as the areas are prone to drought, face water scarcity and have increasing gully formation.”
By Obert Siamilandu May. 8, 2024

35 killed by wild animals in 2023

Nyoni said more than 80 people were left nursing injuries of various degrees after being attacked by wild animals last year. 
By Harriet Chikandiwa May. 3, 2024