Dangarembga suggests strategy should enable quality productions

She was responding to the deliberations of the recently held Film Sector Re-engagement Meeting on Film Strategy Development.
By Tendai Sauta Jul. 4, 2024

Icapa, OPAC and Swift sign MoU

Dangarembga added that the MoU was signed in the context of rapid growth in the moving images industries globally and on the African continent.
By Tendai Sauta Jun. 4, 2024

Building Narratives: A glimpse into 2023 literary year as women take the lead

Musician-cum-writer Hope Masike publishes third book titled “Die with Me”in which the mbira songstress explores the effects of western culture on Africans.
By Fungayi Antony Sox Dec. 31, 2023

Dangarembga wins Africa freedom award

The award is courtesy of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom who confirmed the developments on micro blogging site X (formerly Twitter).
By Winstone Antonio Sep. 28, 2023

Building narratives: BBC features exceptional Zimbabwean women authors in new documentary

This phrase narrates or summarises how at 13 years Tambu had to find her emancipation at the expense of her brother’s untimely death.
By Fungayi Antony Sox Aug. 27, 2023

High Court quashes Dangarembga, Barnes conviction

This came after the lower court convicted them for staging a peaceful demonstration in Harare in 2020.
By Desmond Chingarande May. 9, 2023

Dangarembga, Barnes acquitted

Dangarembga, Barnes acquitted
By Desmond Chingarande May. 8, 2023

Dangarembga: The arts’ brave voice

The internationally-influential Dangarembga took to Twitter to celebrate her accomplishment.
By Winstone Antonio Mar. 22, 2023

Chakamuka pens fictional novel

In the novel, the author takes the readers on a journey exploring her fictitious mind and aligning supernatural factors in this modern world.
By Rejoice Phiri Oct. 25, 2022