Sound public finance management key to achieving inclusivity for PWDs

Due to reduced employment and educational prospects, lower wages, and higher living expenses, disabilities may potentially raise the likelihood of poverty.
By Zimcodd 6h ago

Streamlining migration, climate change to policy frameworks

Further, it has been noted that women and girls, along with other vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities (PWDs) are disproportionately affected by such threats.
By Ronald Zvendiya Jul. 12, 2024

Women, child advocates call for inclusivity

Agnes Chindimba said there was need to craft strategies that create “an inclusive environment” that encourages participation from women with disabilities.
By Nhau Mangirazi Jun. 29, 2024

PWDs bank on revision of law

Only two PWDs are representing the constituency in Parliament.
By Vanessa Gonye Apr. 22, 2024

PWDs urged to unite

Speaking during the same event, Disability Voices of Zimbabwe director Nyasha Mahwende said capacitation of PWDs is key in empowering them to realise their goals.
By Stephen Chadenga Apr. 13, 2024

Communication, youth engagement key to tackling climate crisis

Efforts must be made to improve communication strategies and reach a broader audience.
By Tonderayi Matonho Jan. 6, 2024

Bridging the gap: Inclusive communication and youth engagement key to tackling climate crisis

One of the key obstacles in addressing the climate crisis is the lack of widespread understanding and engagement, particularly among the youth inclusive of PWDs.
By Tonderayi Matonho Jan. 3, 2024

PWDs struggle to access Gweru council buildings

PWDs have expressed concern over lack of disability friendly structures at the local authority.
By Stephen Chadenga Dec. 30, 2023

PWDs suffer exclusion at workplaces

The policy also calls on employers to adopt inclusive policies and practices.
By Nhau Mangirazi Dec. 25, 2023