Rushwaya takes over as Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet

The retirement of Misheck Sibanda was a result of new regulations that require civil servants appointed on pensionable terms after May 1, 1992, to retire at the age of 60.
By Problem Masau 7h ago

Fast-track national disability policy enforcement: PWDs

We are in the process of repealing the Disabled Persons Act with the PWD Bill which has passed the Cabinet stage and is now going to Parliament for further processing.
By Donald Nyandoro 16h ago

Mnangagwa’s Mutapa fiasco raises eyebrows

Veteran economist Tony Hawkins said the government has never understood the role of a sovereign wealth fund.
By Staff Reporters Sep. 24, 2023

Editorial Comment: Scrap obnoxious NGO bill

The PVO Amendment Bill was passed by the then Zanu PF dominated Parliament early this year despite warnings from United Nations experts that it violated the right to freedom of association.
By The Standard Sep. 24, 2023

Village Rhapsody: Why govt officials must be civil in online communication

Some reckless statements by government officials on social media do not serve the best interest of Zimbabwe.
By Evans Mathanda Sep. 24, 2023

Pregnant, teenage mothers deserve another chance

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is preaching that his policies are leaving no one and no place behind.
By Newsday Sep. 23, 2023

Self-interest superseding global co-operation: ED

Mnangagwa also called for concrete climate action, as opposed to mere promises to strengthen adaption, resilience and mitigation mechanisms.
By Sydney Kawadza Sep. 22, 2023

Dissecting Mnangagwa’s new cabinet

Whether that is enough to provide the impetus for salvaging the fortunes of the nation remains subject to debate, but that intention is discernible.
By Ntando Dumani Sep. 22, 2023

Muckracker: First Lady of all first ladies

Speaking of delusional people, Muckraker never fails to be entertained by our people who like protesting against our owners abroad
By Muckracker Sep. 22, 2023