Chitungwiza in master plan quandary

Chitungwiza and Manyame Rural Residents Association director Marvellous Kumalo bemoaned lack of transparency in the whole process.
By Moses Mugugunyeki Jun. 23, 2024

MPs demand answers over US$88m goat scandal

A Zacc internal report revealed that the pair spent the millions on a bling lifestyle buying expensive top of the range vehicles and luxurious houses.
By Kenneth Nyangani Jun. 23, 2024

Lessons from Mzansi

The ANC and the DA found each other easily and started thrashing a coalition arrangement unlike the ANC and MK or EFF after their public spates in the run up and post the election day.
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Jun. 22, 2024

Zambia ‘gravely concerned’ over Mnangagwa statements

In the video Mnangagwa implied that the United States wanted to isolate his country.
By Online Jun. 21, 2024

Musengezi applies for discharge

Sybeth Musengezi, who is being accused of fraudulently acquiring a Zanu PF membership card, said the State failed to make a strong case against him.
By Trevor Mutsvairo Jun. 21, 2024

ED 2030 sloganeering lacks practicability

It is my solemn submission that it is dictatorial. It is a retardation, thoroughly bereft of the ideals of democracy.
By Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana Jun. 19, 2024

Zapu raps ED’s plea for protection from Putin

In a statement at the weekend, Zapu acting spokesperson Brian Ncube said the opposition party was deeply disturbed by Mnangagwa’s leadership.
By Silas Nkala Jun. 19, 2024

Chivayo’s aura has not only mesmerised ED… as the controversial businessman has also ‘captured’ other leaders in the region

Chivayo also does his shopping in expensive boutiques in South Africa, Dubai and the United States.
By Sydney Kawadza Jun. 15, 2024

Zapu war vets rap ED over violation of Unity Accord

The political agreement was signed on December 22, 1987 to end post-independence hostilities between Zanu PF and PF Zapu.
By Nizbert Moyo Jun. 15, 2024