Daisy Mukariri preaches salvation in new album

The albums carries nine tracks which are Ziso, Fake Evidence, Husband Manyama, Jaya Mupfumi, Uchasvika Kure, Zvadirwa Sugar, Mundipenyere, Kururama and Ndodurura.
By Style Reporter Feb. 18, 2024

Arts sector honours Nick Moyo, hosts farewell dinner

Moyo told guests that although he had been a broadcaster and had also made artistic achievements in theatre, music, dance, poetry and film, he consciously chose to be an arts administrator.
By Khumbulani Muleya Feb. 16, 2024

WeUtonga hogs global limelight

This achievement has resulted in her creating a vast network.
By Winstone Antonio Feb. 15, 2024

Makumbe in Crush release

Her ability to convey genuine emotions through music has garnered her a loyal and ever-growing fan base worldwide.
By Life & Style Reporter Feb. 8, 2024

Musicians in uneven advert deals with corporates: Mono Mukundu

Mukundu said during the creative process, the corporates give a multitude of instructions to modify numerous aspects of the jingle.
By Sindiso Dube Jan. 14, 2024

‘Zanu PF’ lures Enzo Ishal to Samanyanga Sounds?…As musician set to earn US$12 000 per month

He had a paltry seven votes, which earned him the moniker 007, the codename of the legendary film star James Bond.
By Sindiso Dube and Nyasha Gorogodo Jan. 14, 2024

Village Rhapsody: Onslaught against Winky D’s music is height of intolerance

His songs are the unspoken cries of Zimbabweans yearning for change, the change which is not certain.
By Evans Mathanda Jan. 7, 2024

Super ballads map Mavisto, MuTeo’s itinerary

Factually hugged on the atlas, Mavisto & MuTeo profess anything other than the gentlest salutations for the latter birdcall:
By Grant Moyo Jan. 7, 2024

Musicians' role in society since 1980

Music has come a long way. It has been used as a healing force for centuries.
By Fred Zindi Jan. 7, 2024