Healthcare targets up in smoke as staff flee Zim

In a publication titled Tracking Universal Health Coverage 2023, a global monitoring report, WHO exposed Zimbabwe’s weaknesses in terms of achieving the targets.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Oct. 6, 2023

Letter to my people: Lies indeed have short legs

Government-commissioned study pointed out unequivocally that Ngwena’s clueless regime was the culprit in  the pricing madness.
By Doctor Stop It May. 28, 2023

Nurses put govt on notice

In an emotional letter to the Health Services Commission (HSC), nurses said they were having to watch helplessly while patients die in under-equipped hospitals.
By Mirriam Mangwaya May. 26, 2023

Govt withholds nurses’ key documents

Chiwenga hinted at introducing a law to make it illegal for foreign nations to hire the country’s healthcare workers.
By Sharon Buwerimwe May. 20, 2023