Letter to my people: Lies indeed have short legs

The prices of basic goods are skyrocketting

My Dear People.

THE dispensation of darkness, poverty and confusion led by the incompetent and probity deficient Ngwena continues to plumb new lows of shambolic leadership.

After the weekly missive in one of the state rags by the Lacoste gang leader about how business is letting down the nation through continuously increasing prices and threats of taking drastic measures against what he called saboteurs, one would  have expected that the study. his regime had commissioned would expose the business sector’s treachery and substantiate the octogenarian leader’s claims.

In fact, it was quite the opposite as the government-commissioned study pointed out unequivocally that Ngwena’s clueless regime was the culprit in  the pricing madness.

The 18-paged report was akin to a charge sheet against the bankrupt leadership of Ngwena and his coup gangstas.

The study, which was undertaken by government agencies, which include the Competition and Tariff Commission, the National Competitiveness Commission and the Consumer Protection Commission, called for the regime to liberalise the exchange rate and allow market forces to determine prices and attain efficiency.

In other words, it told Ngwena’s regime to stop the foolishness of manipulating the exchange rate which has led to pandemonium and turmoil in the economy. 

The study diplomatically pointed to the government’s reckless manner in which it paid large amounts in the local currency to contractors that led to the massive depreciation of the Zimbabwe dollar resulting in the current price hikes.

It also warned how its recent move to remove import restrictions on basic commodities would harm local industry as well as the import substitution programme it boasts about ad nauseam.

When all is said and done the study exposed Ngwena’s leadership for the dog’s breakfast that it is.

Unsurprisingly the Lacoste leader’s loudspeaker, Joji, dismissed the damning study mumbling something about the authors of the study being tethered to the business sector.

Joji in particular was exposed for being a liar after he spent the whole week claiming that the price hikes were being engineered by saboteurs.

They say lies have short legs.

That Ngwena’s regime commissions a study that then not only contradicts its nonsense, but condemns its leadership is typical of the impoverished reign of the second repubric.

Yet another disgraceful demonstration of how Ngwena’s regime is not fit for purpose was the recent decision to release rapists from prison as part of the Lacoste leader’s amnesty.

Among those released was a man who  raped a nine-year-old girl. He was released on the basis that he is above the age of 65. Munopenga!!!!

That such deviants are released back to society no matter the age is not only morally repugnant, but endangers the girl child. 

One can only imagine how the family of that nine-year child feels about the release of a man, who caused severe trauma to a girl so young. 

It is yet another illustration of just how tone deaf Ngwena is.

We probably should not be surprised by this travesty given that this is the same individual who booted out the telescopic foresighted Gushungo through guns and tanks and had the temerity to have such a blatantly unconstitutional act to be declared legal.

One cannot help, but feel some sympathy for the scribes at the glass and mortar building who have written to its management bemoaning the pathetic working conditions including meagre salaries and declaring incapacitation.

Surely these hacks, who have the impossible task of trying to deodorise an inept regime, which stinks to high heavens, deserve much better treatment from the Lacoste leadership.

Indeed scribes who have the audacity to scribble that the country’s economy is on the rebound, at a time most people in the country earn in a local currency that loses value daily even on the farcical official exchange rate deserve a king’s ransom from Ngwena and his cabal.

Alas, if the letter is anything to go by, the scribes from the state media are beginning to realise from the state of their pockets that the economic turnaround they write about on a daily basis is nothing more than a fairy tale. 

This comes not so long after journos at the national broadcaster demanded an audience with Ngwena to tell him of their plight as poverty took its toll.

I hope that this will make the state hacks think long and hard when they  next want to sell bottled smoke to the nation. kkkk.

The Health ministry run by Generari continues to show all what is wrong with this second repubric.

For the umpteenth time nurses have, in a letter to the Health Services Commission, accused their employer of pushing them to the “extremes”. Their salaries have been wiped out to nothing.

Meanwhile, no effort is being made to improve their conditions of service. They are having to watch helplessly while patients die in under-equipped hospitals.

Instead of addressing these pertinent issues Generari is focused on criminalising the employment of health workers in other countries.

Such is the curse of a rudderless leadership.


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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