Ghetto dances: Of dry boreholes and dry politicking

“You vote for me, you vote for progress! You vote for me, you vote for better schools and clinics! You vote for me you vote for real development!
By Onie Ndoro Jun. 4, 2023

The struggle in the ghetto is real

Someone whom I did not know was trying to represent our ward as our next councillor.
By Onie Ndoro Mar. 25, 2023

Ill-gotten money gets you nowhere!

While Fatso was doing his thing on the dance floor and holding a quart of beer in one hand above his head, I could not help, but look at Danny our benefactor.
By Onie Ndoro Feb. 26, 2023

The day Tsano Fatso ran amok

Mind you, this was not the only t- shirt with this kind of cheeky message.
By Onie Ndoro Oct. 23, 2022

Comedy Roast Show opens space for political discussion

The show started with a pre-roast from Munya and Kadem The Comic who warmed up the audience. 
By Rejoice Phiri Oct. 3, 2022

Shoko Festival expands horizons, adds more genres

Festival director Farai “Comrade Fatso” Munroe said it took team work and persistence to keep Shoko festival running.
By Sindiso Dube Oct. 2, 2022

When local is lekker at Shoko Fest

The festival’s final day programme will include the main event Peace in the Hood to be held in Unit L, Chitungwiza, featuring headline acts Freeman and Kikky Badass.
By Winstone Antonio Sep. 15, 2022

Shoko to host Hub Unconference

We have amazing speakers from across the continent and some really inspirational ideas
By Sindiso Dube Sep. 11, 2022

Magamba takes Open Parly to Naija

Open Parly, founded in 2015, is a project that enables youthful content creators to share Parliament-related news and break down complex bills as well as engage young people on issues of governance.

By The Standard Oct. 10, 2021