Towards redeeming captured food systems in Africa

The rural poor and most of the marginalised small-scale farmers have not benefited enough from the overpriced and processed foodstuffs.
By Peter Makwanya Apr. 22, 2024

Edutainment mix: Appreciating aesthetics of cultural pluralism, heritage

It is of note that with the coming of colonisation, art within the context of Zimbabwe lost most of its spiritual power with the conversion of a majority of the population to Christianity. 
By Raymond Millagre Langa Feb. 11, 2024

Edutainment mix: Wisdom buried in mythology: An Alchemic experience at the Nyamatsatse festival

 I recently attended the Nyamatsatse Festival which was on its second edition under the theme “Water, Women and the Stars”.
By Raymond Millagre Langa Oct. 1, 2023

Village Rhapsody: African countries must scrap passports, abolish border restrictions

Africa can do better. No African should be treated like a foreigner in any African country.
By Evans Mathanda Mar. 19, 2023

True independence requires a change in trade relations with former colonisers

The former colonial powers as a result of the wealth they obtain from processing primary products, get super net profits that they plough back to the former colonies.
By Reinford Khumalo Nov. 3, 2022