‘Innovation vital to economic development’

The ZBFH boss said he wanted to formally commit to this through a memorandum of understanding like the ones signed with institutions in the hubs.

Choreographer exposes power of dance

Mhlanga, a Bulawayo-based choreographer has embarked on a project— International Dance Workshops. He says he believes in dance and it can heal, create a better community for everyone.
By Sharon Sibindi Feb. 25, 2024

BDO Zim at the centre of yet another accounting dispute

In a latest development, FMHL disagreed with the findings in the audit report produced by BDO.
By Melody Chikono Feb. 23, 2024

Late cancer diagnosis: Stumbling block in children treatment

“Most childhood cancers are hard to recognise, patients arrive at health centres with an advanced level of the disease and this has also contributed to the high mortality rate.
By Vanessa Gonye Feb. 23, 2024

Ipec calls out funeral assurers

This comes as the sector continues to hold investments in equities, cash and money market instruments in very small proportions relative to the overall asset portfolio.
By Melody Chikono Feb. 23, 2024

Diversification drive pays off for Masholds

Masholds has a long-term strategy hinged on diversifying its portfolio.
By Melody Chikono Feb. 22, 2024

Travel Insurance

he various laws that govern the travel insurance industry are designed to protect passengers from the unforeseen effects of illnesses
By Newsday Feb. 21, 2024

Over 18 million girls out of school in Africa: Report

 Education International Africa director Dennis Sinyolo said African governments should take immediate policy, legislative and financing measures to end teacher shortage.
By Silas Nkala Feb. 19, 2024

Realising ‘smart cities’ concept, a collaborative effort: Expert

Global Renaissance Investment chief executive Ngoni Dzirutwe said conversation and implementation of the smart cities concept
By Melody Chikono Feb. 19, 2024