Letter From America: Africans waking up slowly to Wester influences!

The various threats uttered recently by US officials are by no means idle threats.
By Kenneth Mufuka Feb. 12, 2023

Davis Cup team upbeat ahead of Uruguay test

The South Americans will, however, be banking on the services of Pablo’s brother Martin, Ariel Behar, Franco Roncadelli, Joaquin Aguilar Cardozo and Ignacio Carou.
By Magreth Ruzvidzo Feb. 2, 2023

Letter from America: The spirit of Christmas in the US!

One must give Americans their due in being able to turn man’s vanity into public virtue. 
By Kenneth Mufuka Dec. 25, 2022

Letter from America: US mid-term elections

In this mid-term election, Americans are claiming victories for going where no man dared to go before.
By Kenneth Mufuka Nov. 13, 2022