Winky D under siege

Winky D

ZANU PF has intensified efforts to stifle outspoken musician Winky D from performing live and having his music played on radio, sources have said.

Resistance to Winky D’s music by authorities started when he released his politically-charged album Eureka Eureka in January when a Zanu PF-aligned pressure group, Economic Empowerment Group (EEG) led by Mike Chimombe demanded that Winky D’s music be banned from all radio stations and the artiste be blocked from performing live.

EEG claimed the artiste’s lyrics were dangerous to society and cause despondency. 

The album carries songs such as Ibotso, Vafarasi, Chauruka and many others that tackle social injustice, Zimbabwe's economic meltdown and corruption within the government.

Ibotso speaks of how the rich and powerful are taking all that the poor should be getting while Chaurukua warns those in higher offices not to abuse the authority they have as one day that is bound to be lost.

This followed reports that state-owned radio stations were ordered to censor Winky D’s music.

"It's an unofficial rule, but it applies, songs that speak of social injustice and government’s maladministration are not being tolerated on radio," said a source.

On Ibotso Winky D collaborated with Holy Ten, who is reported to be close to Zanu PF officials and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sons Sean and Collins.

Holy Ten surprisingly disassociated himself from the song and labelled Winky D a “snake” and a sellout who used him on his “regime change” mission with Ibotso.

In his first public appearance after the launch of his album, Winky D’s show at Damview in Chitungwiza was prematurely ended by the police.

Police stormed the stage in the middle of his performance and forced the dancehall chanter to go off stage, leading to pelting and violence from disgruntled fans.

In an interview, Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the police at the Winky D show were deployed to monitor drug peddling and use at the venue.

“We are carrying out a campaign against the use and peddling of drugs and drugs are always an issue at musical shows, so the police had been deployed to that venue to monitor drugs at the venue, unfortunately there was commotion when the police arrived,”

“Drugs are an issue at musical shows and there have been reports that some musicians actually take drugs on stage whilst performing,” he said.

There has been a public outcry after Winky D was not nominated for the Nama and Star FM awards. Recently it has been reported that Winky D was scrapped off the list of performers at the annual Castle Tankard. The event will be headlined by Alick Macheso and Enzo Ishal who performed with Winky D at last year’s edition.

The artiste's manager Jonathan Banda confirmed that he won’t be performing at the Castle Tankard event.

“As of now I can confirm that we won’t be part of this year’s edition. We haven’t received an invite yet,” said Banda.

Winky D was forced off the stage in the middle of his performance by police at last year’ Castle Tankard, prompting angry fans to pelt and cause violence.

The chaos led to a stampede which killed two fans — Emilia Makoga (44) and Thomas Maurira (43) both from Hatcliff, Harare.

Commenting on the issue, Delta Beverages general manager — corporate affairs Patricia Murambinda said:

“As usual we will issue out a press statement on the event when it is ready.”

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