Fungisai refers to her singing gift as a curse

GOSPEL musician Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave referred to her singing gift as a curse after she was trolled on social media

GOSPEL musician Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave referred to her singing gift as a curse after she was trolled on social media and she has yet again clapped back on a fan Norman Munyaradzi who commented on the singer's family photo saying it was not complete without a father figure.

In the photo, the award-winning gospel musician posted a picture of herself posing with her two sons and daughter. This is not the first time the gospel celebrity has posted a picture of her children, mostly because they have been involved in some of her projects. However, her husband has not been in any of Fungisai's projects.

"Ko baba varipi? The pic looks incomplete without a father figure," commented Norman Munyaradzi.

 Fungisai clapped back at the fan, saying her husband does not owe them any social media presence.

"Whoever gave you the right to drag my husband into social media just because ndakakuimbirai gave you the wrong idea. I don't know what entitlement you think you have to treat him like he owes you social media entertainment too," she replied.

"Such family pics can be found on our home walls and I reserve the right to post what I choose on my entertainment page.

"Sorry to say my husband shall not be part of the entertainment here. Ndini muimbi wenyu."

Other celebrities such as Madam Boss born  Tarisai Cleopatra Chikocho were also caught in the same situation.

During her interview with Dj Olla on StarFM, Madam Boss clearly stated that if people were asking about her as brand Madam Boss she would have answered because she is the celebrity, but when it came to her husband she refused to give any details saying he was not the celebrity.

Following Fungisai's clap back, another fan sympathised with her saying that the singer's personal life is her choice.

"She is right about her personal life and her choices. We should learn to mind our business naye which is music," commented the fan.

Fungisai went on to pour out on Facebook how she has been receiving constant attacks all her career life and referred to her singing gift as a curse.

"The insults I have suffered my whole career life, I would have to be divine not to feel it at this point. Indeed I can conclusively say it's a cursed gift not worth pursuing and I don't advise anyone to choose this path in life," she posted.

"You risk dying at a young age, it is really not worth it young people."

The gospel singer has been trolled on social media, at one point she fired back at a fan, Farai Manguvo, after he commented that the singer was getting old.

She also once furiously hit back at people who were comparing her with Jah Prayzah following the release of her musical video Mutsvene (Holy).

Fungisai's career has been characterised by ups and downs, but the determination to keep the Christian voice loud has been her encouragement. However the constant trolls seem to have had the best of her as she now refers to her gift as a curse.

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