Craft Properties boss for global award

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The property and real estate businessman has not only led his team at Craft Properties to great honours and recognition across Zimbabwe, but the world at large.


Craft Properties Holdings founder and CEO Kudakwashe Taruberekera  has been nominated to receive the title of Honorary Professor of the Academic Union Oxford in the field of business and economy.

The property and real estate businessman has not only led his team at Craft Properties to great honours and recognition across Zimbabwe, but the world at large.

Now, the man who started his business in the humble environs of Kadoma, will from October 5 be addressed as Professor Kudakwashe Taruberekera.

The honour comes after Taruberekera continuously drew investors’ attention to Zimbabwe becoming an honourary ambassador for Zimbabwe.

The awards and honours he has received, have drawn the world to Zimbabwe’s potential in various aspects of the country’s economic development and growth.

Taruberekera said the recognition goes beyond his stature.

“It is yet another opportunity for us at Craft Properties (PVT) Ltd to shine at the global stage while wooing potential investors to our great nation,” he said.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Zimbabwe’s leadership that continues to create an enabling environment that nurtures our grown.

“It is also in that purview that we take that opportunity to show what Zimbabwe is doing and how it is a great place for innovative and hard-working people can prosper.”

The presentation will be held on online, including Facebook and YouTube and presents Taruberekera and Craft Properties to shine across the world.

He will also make a presentation of Craft Properties’ achievements while sharing best practice with top managers worldwide.

Taruberekera will also share his success story while the awards also offer his organisation the chance to be promoted via online exhibition 24/7.

As an honourary professor, he will receive the attributes including mantle, diploma, personal certificate and chain can be delivered to you via special courier.

The online presentation of the title holders will be held live in the framework of Achievements Forum 2021 ‘Excellence in Quality and Management’ next month.

The Academic Union executive secretary Anna Gorobets broke the sweet news to Taruberekera.

“This is an image title established by The Academic Union and as a symbol of your high status and recognition of your achievements in professional activities,” said Gorobets.

The Academic Union is an international academic association of over 200 University Chancellors, Scientists and Researchers.

The committees and the Union as a whole pursue the ideals of Academic Excellence, Innovation and Accessibility and are committed to disseminating these core values through its worldwide community.

The primary aim of the Union is to consolidate the efforts of scientists, educators, industrialists, and manufacturers on science, education and business integration and development in the 21st Century.

Leaders of higher education, institutions, colleges, researchers, scientists, teachers, and representatives of higher education and business structures can join the Academic Union, regardless of ethnic or religious backgrounds.

In addition, educational organisations and institutions can join the Academic Union as associate members.

The Academic Union members attend the annual union gathering — EBA Reception — which is traditionally held in Oxford since 2000, as well as other activities of the union’s partners to share experiences, discuss new research and gain support from each other.

According to the Academic Union, the Honorary Professor title was established as a symbol of credit and expression of honour to people, who are promoting social and intellectual progress of modern society, integration and empowerment in the field of science, culture, business, economy, development of innovative processes in the world.

The right to offer one’s candidacy for the Title of Honorary Professor of the Academic Union, Oxford (AUO) belongs to AUO and Club of Rectors of Europe Council, non-profit organizations, professional and scientific unions.

The honour is also bestowed on lecturers and academicians and acclaimed mentors working in higher education institution or actively collaborate with it, have outstanding achievements in research, educational and organisational activities.


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