Inside Sport: Will Gwindi be accepted ?

Leslie Gwindi

LESLIE Gwindi, Fabion Mahembe, Oliver Manyau, and Erreck Mbududu have returned to lead Dynamos once again following a boardroom coup that took centre stage during the week.

Former players Alan Mapila and Eddie Mashiri complete the line-up of a Dembare leadership that was appointed by the Stanley Chirambadare led Dynamos board of trustees.

This executive is billed to take over from the one led by banker Isaiah Mupfurutsa which has been at the helm for some time and was appointed by the board of trustees led by Benard Marriot.

Mapila and Mashiri were brought on board to represent the interests of the players both current and past as Dynamos seek to restore the stability of old.

Gwindi, a former Premier Soccer League secretary general was part of the George Shaya-led Dynamos leadership of 1998 when Dembare reached the final of the Caf Champions League.

Mvududu, Manyau, and Mahembe served in different club executives that came after 1998 and have been brought back because of their unblemished service of the past.

However, the six face a problem of ACCEPTANCE? Does the Dynamos family, the Premier Soccer League and the club’s sponsors Sakunda Holdings recognise the Chirambadare board or that of Benard Marriot ?

The general understanding is that Marriot plays the lead guitar with a 51% shareholding which the other part claims was fraudulently acquired.

Marriot contends that the Mupfurutsa leadership is still in control as he is in charge by virtue of being the only surviving member of the players, who laid the foundation of the birth of the club in 1963.

The issue of Marriot’s huge shareholding is being contested in court by former Dynamos and Zimbabwe national team striker David George.

That, however, is a story for another day and former Dynamos chairman Ignitius Pamire says that it is not a matter of accepting or rejecting the Gwindi executive but following the constitution.

“The bottom line is the constitution. It does not matter who is in charge of Dynamos, but whether that person was appointed using the laws that govern the club,” says Pamire.

Part of the Dynamos constitution says that the board of trustees of which Chirambadare is chairman is the supreme law and authoritative organ for the Dynamos institution. No other body has power over it on matters of the club and shall appoint the executive of Dynamos Football Club.

The Chirambadare board was appointed by the electoral college, which is a body of former Dynamos players and was - according to the club constitution - given the power to appoint an executive that leads the club.

However, there is another school of thought which says the original constitution gives the  founding players ownership of the club which is where Marriot comes in.

Marriot became the chairman of the board of trustees following the death of Richard Chiminya.

As things stand right now, Dynamos is being led by two executives, one headed by Gwindi and the other led by Mupfurutsa.

The question is : Which one is the legitimate one. Whom do the players, the coaches, the PSL and Sakunda Holdings pay their attention to ? - The Gwindi one or that of Mupfurutsa ?


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