Sulu’s fans donate to Chegutu school

A group of Sulu’s fans under the banner Orchestra Dendera Kings Fan Club have not only supported the musician, but the needy in society.

BY WINSTONE ANTONIO WHILE it has mainly been musicians who dominate the media space with their fans relegated to the periphery, Sulumani Chimbetu’s faithful stole the limelight at the weekend.

A group of Sulu’s fans under the banner Orchestra Dendera Kings Fan Club have not only supported the musician, but the needy in society.

The fans donated stationery to Simon Chimbetu Primary School in Chegutu, Mashonaland West province, and various goods and foodstuffs to the needy.

Sulu, who is the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Service (ZPCS) goodwill ambassador, has been commended for uniting his fans through the Orchestra Dendera Kings Fan Club.

As a way of supporting and connecting with their favourite singer, Sulu’s fans who came from as far as the United Kingdom, South Africa, Bulawayo, Mutoko and Masvingo met for an annual get-together in Waterfalls, Harare, on Sunday.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style on the sidelines of the event, Orchestra Dendera Kings Fan Club vice-president Catherine Ngazimbi said they were open to partnerships to help the needy.

“Orchestra Dendera Kings Fan Club is made up of diehard dendera music followers linked through social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. The club was launched in 2018.

“This was after a recommendation by Sulu that we come up with structures for easy co-ordination that makes it possible to meet with him under one roof since we are dotted across the country and beyond borders,” Ngazimbi added.

“We have more than five Orchestra Dendera Kings Fan Clubs which are represented by an executive that is elected annually. All the fan clubs are represented in the executive and this makes it easier for co-ordination of events.”

She added: “As the Orchestra Dendera Kings Fan Club, we have our calendar of events that include our annual get-together like the one  we are hosting today. We usually do it in December, but due to COVID-19, we could not do it last year.

“In May, which is Sulu’s birth month, we also gather resources to buy a cake or do something for him as part of the celebrations.

“In August, we do the Ndarangarira Gamba themed event where we join his (Sulu’s) family in commemorating the death of our hero Simon, who was father to Sulu. We travel with the family to Chinhoyi Heroes Acre to pay our respect to the late music maestro.

“In October, we will be doing charity work as we donate to the needy. We gather resources through contributions from our members for all our events.”

Ngazimbi said through  the fan clubs, they did different programmes that include learning about the origins of dendera music and the dynasty.

Sulu, who failed to turn up for the event, apologised through his manager Calton Muparutsa before his band took to the stage alongside Douglas Chimbetu to entertain guests.

Sulu assumed the dendera crown after the death of his father, Simon on August 14, 2005. Simon was declared a provincial hero and was buried at Chinhoyi Heroes Acre.

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