Muckracker: Chamisa’s face is the gold standard

Robberies craze ... Some of armed robbery suspects who were shot and injured while allegedly trying to flee.

It never rains for the leader of the losing faction of the Chinhu Changu Chete (CCC) faction, Nelson Chamisa.

It appears he is fighting a losing battle to keep his face for himself. All those who want him out of politics, still insist on using his face for their own political gains! What kind of chicanery is this?

Early this week on X, the former government chief propagandist Jonathan Moyo opined that the “Right to Nelson Chamisa’s face image as an election symbol belongs to CCC founded by MDC-A on 22 Jan 2022, not to Chamisa.”

Holy heavens! Even after using state machinery and the clearly biased courts to chase him out of the MDC-Alliance, they want more.

Chamisa has been kicked out of MDC-T by the courts, formed MDC-A which the then system favourite Dr Blowhole, Douglas Mwonzorewa jumped to claim to along with its elected officials with connivance from the system.

Now one Jonathan Moyo is laying the groundwork for Mwonzora to also claim CCC as his by theorising that Chamisa’s CCC was in fact, founded by Mwonzorewa’s MDC-A!

In the run-up to the December 9 by-elections, the leader of the other CCC faction, Sengezo Tshabangu said his group will be riding on Chamisa’s face.

“CCC has patented Chamisa’s face, that face belongs to the party, it is a face of the party hence it belongs to the party. When you patent something, it becomes a property of the organisation,” Tshabangu claimed.

Muck does not need a rocket scientist to know that Chamisa will not win those argument, but can see that the young pastor is the strongest political currency in the country.

Who is lining up to use the faces of Emmerson Mnangagwa, Mwonzorewa, Tshabangu, or even Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube to campaign for political? They smell like the Zimdollars and no one wants a piece. 

Chamisa on the other hand, is pure gold. Respect.

Robberies craze!

In the past months, the armed robbery pandemic gripped the country’s environs. Everyone is living in abject fear but the notorious Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Homicide Unit is out in full force.

They are allocating instant justice as the armed robbery fight has become nasty. Foreigners are now involved making the whole armed robbery fight more complicated.

To date several foreigners have been nabbed across the country and the Homicide Unit popularly known as “Homesororo” is doing justice to the taxpayers’ money. The Harare Remand Prison has been turned into a Jairos Jiri facility full of the disabled.

Police chefs see the light at last, rather late.

Accidental lessons

It only took the Warren Park horrific accident for the authorities to realise who was behind the running of commuter omnibuses in the country.

As they say, you cannot talk while on the eating table. The police have been implicated as the owners of several kombis plying their trade in different towns.

It took Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi to say it, but the horses have already bolted. The police instead of being custodians of the law are now at the forefront of breaking it. So who will police the police? You will get the answer.

Telecel shell

Angeline Vere, having been at the helm of Telecel for years, threw in the towel, to join the Zimbabwe Gender Commission. You know it’s hard being at the helm of a shell. Who was she to stay at a company dogged with endless shareholder fights and general lack of direction? I am sure she tried to turn things around but “Chine Vene Vacho Ichi”.

Number 2’s wedding

The whole country is in jubilation as Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga is expected to tie the knot with his longtime finance’ Mini Baloyi.

A lot is expected and the wedding is likely going to be associated with pomp and fanfare, but the pronunciation of the word “love” might prove to be a challenge. That will be a story for another day.

After President Emmerson Mnangagwa pronounced that he has many children, this means the security sector will have a tough time because no one wants to be left out!

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