Guard against complacency

Your Excellency, my discourse theme changed following the news of the bomb scare ordeal you experienced on your way to Victoria Falls last week.

GOOD day, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Your Excellency, methinks there is agitation within Zanu PF over the third term overtures. Apparently, premonition has been nagging me of late, with the scent of deposal in the air. I reckon you judiciously guard against complacency.

My discourse for this week is an exclusive sequel of the determination of Prosecutor-General Justice Loyce Matanda-Moyo to eradicate corruption. Her declaration of intolerance to graft was awakening. It compelled me to dig into my innermost conscience.

Justice Matanda-Moyo ignited a patriotic fervour in me. She strummed a chord which all her fellow technocrats would not dare to reach for. She distinguished herself as a bona fide fighter for egalitarianism. Her admission that the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe and the country’s justice system as a whole are infested by corruption is tantamount to heroism personified.

Her statement: “It is unfortunate that when people partake in corruption, they rarely think of those who will be affected. They think of themselves. Corruption affects every facet of our society,” summons you to prolonged introspection.

What captured my essence about her determination against corruption is the sincerity in the recommendation for the creation of a strong anti-corruption ecosystem in Zimbabwe by bringing on board all stakeholders to be part of the fight against corruption.

My mind flung to yesteryear, recalling the revolutionary Chimurenga music guru, Thomas Mapfumo.

He patriotically awakened citizenry to corruption in his song, Corruption. Yet, true to Jesus, a prophet has no honour in his homeland, Mapfumo was subjected to unremitting ostracism.

Also, the deposed late former President Robert Mugabe received uncharitable responses when he said 15 billion dollars-worth of diamonds had mysteriously disappeared from Marange fields. Methinks the issue of corruption has been an uncomfortable discourse in the corridors of power.

Given the catch and release phenomenon, as I see it, there has not been a passionate conviction to confront corruption head-on. Even the land barons who corruptly parcelled out undesignated residential stands are yet to be named and shamed as you promised.

Unlike China which is zero tolerant to corruption, Zimbabwe is non-committal. Our country is lukewarm. Wherefore party bigwigs who were convicted of corruption still masquerade as honourable members of society. Yet, they are horrible, through and through.

Actually, corruption is detested in China. It is punishable by execution. Consequently, Chinese nationals implicated in corruption opt for suicide instead of litigation, only to be executed. Yet, in Zimbabwe the corrupt wear the facade of affluence and philanthropy.

Former Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings once made a bold pronouncement against corruption. He rounded up some businessmen who were notorious for corruption and had them summarily executed at a beach.

As I see it, the fight against corruption has all along been waged wearing kid gloves. Consequently, it was a departure from the norm when Matanda-Moyo drew the line against the vice. Her determination is a righteous commitment.

Your Excellency, my discourse theme changed following the news of the bomb scare ordeal you experienced on your way to Victoria Falls last week. It was humanly for me to prioritise commiseration with you over the terrifying experience ahead of the corruption sequel.

I learnt with profound shock of the bomb scare incident which resulted in you foregoing the delivery of the keynote speech at the Southern Africa International Renewable Energy Conference and Expo meeting at the prime tourist border town. I felt sorry for you on hearing that your Victoria Falls bound jet had to make a U-turn to Harare.

It goes without mentioning that the incident deprived you of the limelight as you were conspicuous by your absence at the Victoria Falls proceedings. Yet, it is heartening that the consolation of your absence is that the atmosphere of nervous apprehension ended safely for you and your entourage. However, by all means and ways, be attentive and guard against complacency.

Therewith, my conspiracy theory is that the incident has something, if not everything, to do with your ambitions for a third term in office. If you ask me, there must be a correlation between the bid and the ordeal that resulted in your aborted landing at the Victoria Falls airport.

Considering that Zanu PF has never had a dignified leadership succession, the noise raised from Masvingo on the occasion of the Youth Day commemoration, in which the bid for a third term was supported, rekindled leadership wrangling.

From where I stand, evidence abound that Zanu PF is gridlocked by its own intransigence. As I see it, the party is its own worst socio-economic detractor. It is thoroughly noisome to the extent of sacrificing its fellow cadres.

Its former leaders, Rev Ndambaningi Sithole and Robert Mugabe were elbowed from the apex of the party. They were shown the thumbs down rejection signal.

Consequently, it is my sworn perspective that you cannot be an exception to culture.

Your Excellency, by all means, guard against the temptation of complacency. Methinks you are best advised to look no further than the incident you were compelled to abort your scheduled honour to officially open of a regional conference. There are deeper layers to the incident than meets the eye.

Justice Matanda-Moyo is essentially my nominee for a citizenry integrity citation. I reckon Zimbabwe has degenerated to being roundly corrupt, steeped in the scourge of graft. Duly, the vice has permeated every fibre and tendon of society, becoming pandemic.

It is my earnest conviction that corruption warrants your determined attention. I reckon you owe Justice Matanda-Moyo a debt of gratitude for her admission that her department and the justice delivery system are also infested by corruption.

It is remarkable that she bit the bullet by declaring her commitment to the eradication of corruption. She is the first technocrat to draw the line against corruption. Her recommendation for a multi-sectoral approach to the eradication of corruption evidences resolve.

Your Excellency, with all due respect, guard against complacency.


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