Saba Ride a revolutionary Ride-Hailing application has been launched in Zimbabwe. The App allows Users and Drivers to negotiate fares.

saba ride

Harare, Zimbabwe- Saba Rides, a new player in the ride-hailing sector in the Southern African country, has launched a revolutionary ride-hailing application in Zimbabwe that allows users to bid a fare they feel comfortable paying. Both the user and driver agree on a reasonable bidding process.

The tech company's application empowers both riders and drivers, giving them what management described as "unprecedented control over fares and negotiations."

Unlike traditional ride-hailing services, Saba Ride puts power in the hands of the users.For instance, when booking a ride, customers have the option to bid their own fare.

This feature allows riders to bid an amount they are comfortable with, visible to a select group of drivers in real time.

 "It's like an auction for your ride, giving riders the flexibility to pay what they believe is fair," CEO and Founder Dr David Magwenjere said. 

  How It Works


Users can download the Saba Rid app free from the App Store, complete a signup process, and open the app to enter their destination.

After signing up, a user can then Bid for his/her Fare.Saba Ride calculates an estimated trip cost, but users can set their fares and adjust this amount at will, allowing them to see how drivers respond.Once users are satisfied with their fare and the estimated cost of the trip, they can book their ride. The application then matches users with a driver who accepts their fare.This, the company says, gives users an "unbeatable sense of control."

Driver Empowerment

 Dr Magwenjere says Saba Bid Rides isn't just about benefiting riders."It also transforms the experience for drivers. Drivers have the autonomy to negotiate fares directly with riders. They can counterbid, accept, or reject offers, ensuring they get a fare they are comfortable with. Plus, Saba Ride offers prompt cash-out options with remarkably low fixed commission fees, standing at just 7%," Dr Magwenjere added.


Employment creation

Globally ride-hailing digital platforms such as Saba Ride account for job creation contributing hugely to the economy. They are a source of income for those who want to work full-time. Those with jobs can drive in their spare time to make extra cash. Anyone with a car can use the Saba Ride app.  

Global Reach

Saba Ride has taken its innovative approach to ride-hailing beyond borders. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide audience. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with various payment methods, including cards, cash, and digital wallets, ensuring convenience for users.

Saba Ride has not only disrupted the industry but also expanded its services to countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Australia, and Zimbabwe, and plans to launch in Poland in the near future, bringing its unique brand of fair, flexible, and empowering transportation solutions to new markets.

"Saba Ride is not just a ride-hailing app; it's a movement for fairness and flexibility in transportation. With Saba Bid Rides, the power to set fares and negotiate is no longer a dream but a reality for both riders and drivers. Based on our market research, we believe Saba Ride will make a strong impact and change the way people travel. We complement the already available transport services. This technology is greatly needed in Zimbabwe", Dr Magwenjere said.

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