Letter to my people: From leading railing firm to borehole drilling

One of the government mouthpieces recently announced that the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), once a leading railway company in southern Africa, was venturing into borehole drilling.


DR Amai II is increasingly operating like a government official.

This past week she was the guest of honour at the African Elephant Conference held at the Hwange National Park where 19 countries had been invited.

Those who are familiar with statecraft will tell you that was an inter state meeting and what Dr Amai II did was the responsibility of government officials.

I know few of you will understand what I am talking about since it’s an issue often discussed by PHD holders like us kkkk, but I need to mention it so that you understand when I say rolling tanks against Gushungo was the height of hypocrisy by the Lacoste gangsters.

They accused me of staging a bedroom coup against Baba and they had to put a 93 year-old under house arrest.

Dr Amai II is now an active participant in government, but you are not seeing it yet.

She now issues statements on government letterheads and commandeers state resources, including personnel, to undertake projects to build her own image.

Maybe she is preparing for a higher calling, but she was not elected by anyone.

I was not doing half the things she is doing today when the Lacoste gangsters rebelled against Gushungo and humiliated him.



African Union leaders were in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea this past week where they held two extra-ordinary summits.

The first to be held was the ‘Humanitarian Summit and Pledging Conference’ followed by the ‘Extraordinary Summit on Unconstitutional Changes of Governments in Africa.’

Ngwena was conspicuous by his absence and his Foreign Affairs minister, who naturally should have stood in for him, chose to go to Davos instead of Malabo.

We can only speculate why the Lacoste gangsters decided to give Malabo a wide berth, but I can tell you that Gushungo’s spirit will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Besides the guilty consciences, Equatorial Guinea leader Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo was the only African leader who stood with Baba at the time of his greatest need.

Nguema, who himself rose to power through unconstitutional means after ousting his uncle Francisco Macias Nguema in 1979,  refused to be persuaded by the coup gangsters to turn against Gushungo.

It is public secret that he was a big admirer of Baba and this is why he has ruled his country since the coup against his uncle, making him one of the longest serving leaders in the world!


The obsession by the so-called second republic with “official launches” has gone beyond the ridiculous.

Yesterday the likes of Joji and the mental health nurse were singing themselves hoarse on social media about Ngwena “officially launching” some boreholes in Harare’s Glenview.

They were oblivious of the symbolism.

For a country, which claims to be aiming for a middle income status in 2030, drilling boreholes in urban areas where an efficient water system was bequeathed by colonisers four decades ago can’t be a cause for celebration, especially by the highest office.

It is a signpost for regression and a slide into the Stone Age.

It was yet another week where our leaders had to gift the rest of the world with trending memes that will haunt us for the rest of our miserable lives.

Monica Mutsvangwa was foisted on an event to launch superstar and entrepreneur Rihanna’s cosmetic range in Zimbabwe known as Fenty.

Comparisons are drawn being made with launches in other countries where young and glamorous celebrities took the centre stage.

If Rihanna happens to see those pictures of the Harare launch, she might even consider withdrawing her products kkkkk

The only thing that might save you is Bona’s appearance at the event.

She was the only one with style and  its ample proof that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

NRZ and boreholes

One of the government mouthpieces recently announced that the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), once a leading railway company in southern Africa, was venturing into borehole drilling.

An NRZ official was quoted celebrating that the parastatal was “set to acquire a vehicle mounted borehole rig”

“The vision of the unit is to be the leader in the provision of borehole drilling services in Zimbabwe,” the official gushed. Phew!

What a shame!

Since they came into power the Lacoste gangsters have announced not less than four “mega deals” between NRZ and leading companies from countries such as Russia, Turkey and China in their alleged efforts to revive the rail transporter.

Yet after five years the only thing they can show for their efforts is a borehole drilling rig!

We are a cursed country


As they say lies have short legs.

It was revealed last week that Zimbabwe will be importing 400 000 tonnes of maize from Zambia and Malawi.

This is happening barely a year after we were told that the country had harvested its biggest quantities of maize in over two decades.

There was also hype about the pfumvudza scheme that was said to be pushing yields to dizzy heights.

Inputs were dished to farmers like confetti at a wedding.

What the huge maize imports tell us is that these gangsters have been using programmes such as command agriculture and input schemes as looting avenues.


 Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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