Masimirembwa cornered in ED challenger trial

Goodwills Masimirembwa

ZANU PF Harare provincial chairperson Goodwills Masimirembwa was yesterday cornered by former youth member Sybeth Musengezi over discrepancies in the ruling party’s cell register.

Masimirembwa took Musengezi to court accusing him of supplying false information to obtain party membership.He said Musengezi was not a party member because a cell membership sheet he was relying on had false information on him.During cross-examination by Musengezi’s lawyer Doug Coltart, Masimirembwa admitted that the cell register was riddled with irregularities.

Coltart handed over the cell register sheet to Masimirembwa and showed him one Kudzai Chakurira, who is registered three times with different addresses and dates of birth.Masimirembwa’s allegations came after Musengezi challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s legitimacy as Zanu PF leader, citing irregularities in his rise to the top party post in 2017. 

The case is still before the courts.The State’s case against Musengezi hinges on claims by Masimirembwa that Musengezi obtained Zanu PF membership under false pretences.Coltart also mentioned one Sandra Pfambi who appeared in three different Zanu PF cells in the same year.Pfambi had three different dates of birth as well as different residential addresses.

Masimirembwa was also shown one Kenneth Samson, who appeared twice in the same cell with two addresses. Masimirembwa acknowledged the discrepancies in the party’s cell register.Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda postponed the matter to July 18 for continuation of trial.

Allegations are that sometime in 2012, Musengezi connived with Allen Chisuko and Taurai Mutimbanyoka and misrepresented to Zanu PF that he stayed at No 4315 Hatcliffe Extension, Harare, to be eligible to join the ruling party’s Muzinda 1A district.It is said that he was then registered as a member.

In 2019, Musengezi allegedly connived with Mutimbanyoka and misrepresented that he was in the cell of Zanu PF’s Mai Chitepo branch, Muzinda 1 district.Musengezi became eligible to hold a position at branch level, a preserve for Zanu PF political party members who would be appearing in the cell structures.Musengezi was then elected as the Zanu PF Mai Chitepo branch Muzinda H district youth wing vice-chairperson.

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