Businesswoman on mission to empower female entrepreneurs

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She believes there is no better way to contribute to economic and business growth in Zimbabwe than through nurturing her female entrepreneur peers.

By Takemore Mazuruse

Pride Manyika, or simply Miss Pride as the CEO of tech company Parul Tech, is not just another businesswoman.

She is on a mission to raise an empowered generation of female entrepreneurs and has set up a powerful vehicle to drive this mission.

This noble and well structured business incubation venture is called Business Shower with Miss Pride and it promises to be the go to company for most rising female entrepreneurs.

The scope is to give passionate and self-driven female entrepreneurs a head start into business with many free business events and showers for selected beneficiaries that make the grade lined up for 2022.

A seasoned and respected entrepreneur in her own right, the affable businesswoman has seen it all in the business world thanks to her dalliance with some of the big mobile tech companies in Zimbabwe before she resigned to start her own mobile and technological gadgets supply venture aptly named Parul Tech.

Her own business struggles and experiences have exposed her to the highs and lows of business.

She believes there is no better way to contribute to economic and business growth in Zimbabwe than through nurturing her female entrepreneur peers.

“I didn’t start my business journey with ease. I had to face a lot of struggles and resistance and more often than not I would contemplate quitting and going back to the usual 8 to 5 job but I am grateful for my resilience and the continued support and inspiration I got from peers,” said Manyika.

“Parul Tech has risen to become a force in the mobile and technological gadgets supply service in Zimbabwe and we are not looking back. We have serviced the entire Zimbabwe for over 10 years with official registration only taking place in 2018 but our strides to date have given us so much confidence to continue working hard and for that reason we want to inspire and support others to achieve their dreams.”

The soft spoken businesswoman who co-directs the company with her husband Davies Masango told The Standard Style that she felt blessed to be working with some of the blue chip companies in Zimbabwe and will use her new born Business Shower with Miss Pride venture to inspire fellow women entrepreneurs to dream.

“God has blessed me in many ways and I am grateful for the continued confidence in my business and the products that we supply. At Parul Tech we supply quality LED Tvs, mobile phones, laptops, printers, gas tanks and gas stoves and these have taken the market by storm even amidst the economic challenges. This goes to say we live in a world of possibilities and I am happy to inspire fellow women to dream even bigger,” Manyika said.

“Business Shower with Miss Pride will therefore focus on helping identified female entrepreneurs start on their business journey from a vantage position courtesy of well structured business shower events that will help them mobillise the right resources both financial and material towards sustainable business operations.”

While many that claim to be supporting fellow business players charge a fee, Manyika said her business shower concept was unique in that it comes free of charge with those that make the grade qualifying for the free yet empowering positive nudge.

“We are doing it differently with Business shower with Miss Pride. Our beneficiaries and clients under this undertaking wont be having to pay for the service. All they need to do is present sound business models that convinces our panel and once they make that grade we work on the business shower parameters,” she said.

“The showers are aimed at empowering entrepreneurs and shifting mindsets so that all our clients and beneficiaries rise to become well to do with and successful players that contribute to a viable economy in Zimbabwe.”

The Business Shower concept is already in motion with initial meetings with potential beneficiaries having been held.

Manyika said they are widening their nets and ensuring more visibility and presence for the brand to attract and reach many across Zimbabwe.

“We don’t want this idea to benefit people in our circles only. We want all progressive female business minds around Zimbabwe to tap into this hence we have scaled up our brand visibility and presence on digital platforms for easier engagement and communication of our ideals and services,” she said.

“We intend to roll out a massive national campaign that will take Zimbabwe by storm and we are happy that we are receiving a lot of enquiries from doers that want to be part of this movement. There is no going back in this venture and we thank the various partners coming on board to work with us.”

The noble community pronged venture is creating a strong footprint online and a number of programmes and events have been lined to rump up support and buy-in so that many can benefit from this undertaking.

“Our presence and visibility is deliberate and there is no wishing us away. We want to be part of the national drive to raise productive entrepreneurs that embody excellence and we are happy that we are operating in the right era,” Manyika said.

Entrepreneurship is the new normal in Zimbabwe and there is no better way to support this ideal than through creating the right linkages and partnerships for those with the mind to work.”

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